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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2012A meshfree level-set method for topological shape optimization of compliant multiphysics actuatorsLuo, Z; Zhang, N; Ji, J; Wu, T
23-Jun-2018Modelling and tuning for a time-delayed vibration absorber with frictionZhang, X; Xu, J; Ji, J
1-Dec-2018Natural frequency analysis of a spar-type offshore wind turbine tower with end mass componentsYe, K; Ji, J
1-Nov-2018Neimark-sacker bifurcations near degenerate grazing point in a two degree-of-freedom impact oscillatorYin, S; Ji, J; Deng, S; Wen, G
1-Feb-2009A new method for random vibration analysis of stochastic truss structuresGao, W; Zhang, N; Ji, J
17-Oct-2011Prediction of process parameters on stress and strain fields in hot rolling process using finite element methodYang, L; Ji, J; Hu, J; Ning, L
1-May-2018Sampled-data control of coupled harmonic oscillators using measured position States onlyZhang, H; Ji, J; Wu, Q
1-May-2017Stability of the coupled vibrations of work roll and strip in cold rolling processJi, J
1-Jan-2012Super-harmonic resonance response of a quadratically nonlinear oscillator involving time delayJi, J; Zhang, N
Jan-2009Suppression of Super-harmonic Resonance Response of a Forced Nonlinear System Using a Linear Vibration AbsorberJi, J; Zhang, N; Committee, CT
1-Nov-2018Synchronization of Discretely Coupled Harmonic Oscillators Using Sampled Position States onlyZhang, H; Wu, Q; Ji, J
1-May-2016Synchronization of networked multibody systems using fundamental equation of mechanicsLiu, J; Ji, J; Zhou, J
2012Two-to-one resonant hopf bifurcations in a quadratically nonlinear oscillator involving time delayLi, X; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Ji, J