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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-15Control of flexible single-link manipulators having Duffing oscillator dynamicsChen, B; Huang, J; Ji, JC
2011-01-01Control of Non-Linear Vibrations using Three-to-One Internal ResonancesJi, JC; Zhang, N; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
2014-01-01Design of a nonlinear vibration absorber using three-to-one internal resonancesJi, JC
2009-10-30Difference resonances in a controlled van der Pol-Duffing oscillator involving time delayJi, JC; Zhang, N; Gao, W
2008-07-03Dynamic analysis of vehicles with uncertaintyGao, W; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Du, HP
2006-09-01Dynamics of two delay coupled van der Pol oscillatorsLi, X; Ji, JC; Hansen, CH
2005-09-01Effect of external excitations on a nonlinear system with time delayJi, JC; Hansen, CH; Li, X
2012-12-01The effect of rolling speed and friction on cold rolling mill stabilityKim, YS; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Yuen, WYD
2013-01-01Fast synchronization of directionally coupled chaotic systemsCheng, S; Ji, JC; Zhou, J
2005-07-01Forced phase-locked response of a nonlinear system with time delay after Hopf bifurcationJi, JC; Hansen, CH
2005-08-01Hopf bifurcation of a magnetic bearing system with time delayJi, JC; Hansen, CH
2011-09-01Infinite-time and finite-time synchronization of coupled harmonic oscillatorsCheng, S; Ji, JC; Zhou, J
2014-11-01Loss of super-harmonic resonances in a time-delayed nonlinear oscillatorJi, JC; Zhang, N
2006-01-01Non-linear normal modes and their bifurcation of a two DOF system with quadratic and cubic non-linearityLi, X; Ji, JC; Hansen, CH
2008-12-01Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic bearing systemsJi, JC; Hansen, CH; Zander, AC
2009-08-15Nonlinear response of a forced van der Pol-Duffing oscillator at non-resonant bifurcations of codimension twoJi, JC; Zhang, N
2006-10-24Nonresonant Hopf bifurcations of a controlled van der Pol-Duffing oscillatorJi, JC
2005-05-06On the approximate solution of a piecewise nonlinear oscillator under super-harmonic resonanceJi, JC; Hansen, CH
2013-01-01On the critical forcing amplitude of forced nonlinear oscillatorsFebbo, M; Ji, JC
2018-08-01One-to-three resonant Hopf bifurcations of a maglev systemZhang, L; Ji, JC