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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Concurrent voice-based multiple information communication: A study report of profile-based users' interactionUl Fazal, MA; Ferguson, S; Karim, MS; Johnston, A
1-Jan-2015Conversational interaction in interactive dance worksJohnston, A
1-Jan-2014Creative control of granular synthesis using fluid simulation &amp; motion trackingBluff, A; Johnston, A
30-Jul-2017Creature:Interactions: A Social Mixed-reality PlayspaceBluff, A; Johnston, A
1-Aug-2017Creature:Interactions: A social mixed-reality playspaceBluff, A; Johnston, A
1-Nov-2008Designing and evaluating virtual musical instruments: facilitating conversational user interactionJohnston, A; Candy, L; Edmonds, E
29-Nov-2016Designing for technicians working in the field: 8 usability heuristics for mobile application designJohnston, A; Pickrell, M
2019Devising Interactive Theatre: Trajectories of Production with Complex Bespoke TechnologiesBluff, A; Johnston, A
2018Diversity and gender enrolment patterns in an undergraduate Engineering programLowe, D; Machet, T; Wilkinson, T; Johnston, A
Jan-2013E-SHOE: A High Heeled Shoe GuitarMurray-Leslie, A; Johnston, A
1-Jan-2010Effects of sponge size and type on the performance of an up-flow sponge bioreactor in primary treated sewage effluent treatmentNguyen, TT; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Johnston, A; Listowski, A
1-Nov-2011Feasibility assessment of recycled water use for washing machines in Australia through SWOT analysisMainali, B; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Pham, TTN; Johnston, A
25-Apr-2018Fleeting Film: Using Story to Seek Archival Permanence in the Transitory and Globalized Digital Visual Effects IndustrySamaras, E; Johnston, A
11-Sep-2018Impact of Virtual Environments on Motivation and Engagement during ExergamesSchmidt, S; Ehrenbrink, P; Weiss, B; Voigt-Antons, JN; Kojic, T; Johnston, A; Moller, S
1-Mar-2018Interaction, Narrative and Animation in Live TheatreBluff, A; Johnston, A; Clarkson, D
12-Sep-2018Investigating concurrent speech-based designs for information communicationAbu Ul Fazal, M; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
1-Jan-2014Keeping Research in Tune with PracticeJohnston, A
May-2017The Liberation of the Feet: Demaking the High Heeled Shoe For Theatrical Audio-Visual ExpressionMurray-Leslie, A; Johnston, A
-Methodologies with fashion acoustics Live on Stage!Ferguson, SJ; Johnston, A; Murray-Leslie, A
3-Jul-2014Methodologies with fashion acoustics Live on Stage!Ferguson, SJ; Johnston, A; Murray-Leslie, A