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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Impact of Contemporary Management Ideas: their influence on the Constitution of Public Sector Management WorkShearer, C; Clegg, SR; Johnston, J; Mitev, N; Morgan-Thomas, A; Lorrino, P; Dde Vaujany, F; Nama, Y
1-Dec-2007The impact of hospital structure and restructuring on the nursing workforceDuffield, C; Kearin, M; Johnston, J; Leonard, J
Jan-2012Judicial Instruction: Do Jurors Obey Directions to Disregard Prejudicial PublicityHolland, G; Keyzer, P; Johnston, J; Pearson, M
Jan-2006Leave It In The Ground! Ecosocial Alliances for SustainabilityGoodman, J; Johnston, J; Gismondi, M; Goodman, J
1-Sep-2012Legitimate Sovereignty and Contested Authority in Public Management Organization and Disorganization: Barangaroo and the Grand Strategic Vision for Sydney as a Globalizing CityJohnston, J; Clegg, S
Jan-2001Outsourcing Public Sector Infrastructure: Running the Reform Agenda Off the RailsJohnston, J; Callender, GC
Jan-2005Performance measurement uncertainty on the Grand Canal: Ethical and productivity conflicts between social and economic agency?Johnston, J
Jan-2006Politicizing Exhaustion: Eco-social Crisis and the Geographic Challenge for CosmopolitansJohnston, J; Gismondi, M; Goodman, J; Johnston, J; Gismondi, M; Goodman, J
Jan-2003Public governance and unreasonable complexity: can knowledge overwhelm entrenched belief?Callender, GC; Johnston, J; Delener, N; Chao, CN
Jan-2013Public relations literature and scholarship in Australia: A brief history of change and diversificationJohnston, J; Macnamara, J
Jan-2003Searching for the meaning of efficiency in contemporary management praxisCallender, GC; Johnston, J; Delener, N; Chao, CN
Jan-2002Strategic management pratice and participation in the public sector: illusion or rational intrumentality in pluralistic approaches to employment relations?Johnston, J
Jan-2002Strategic public governance in Australian health: the unsmart, incapacitated state?Johnston, J; Duffield, CM
Jan-2003Towards a theory of strategic public governance for international competitiveness: beyond popular rhetoric and description?Johnston, J; Callender, G; Jameson, D; Williams, C