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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006History, nation and my placeJohnston, RR
1-Jun-2009In and out of otherness: Being and not-being in children's literatureJohnston, RR
2016Introduction: Children’s Literature and Culture of the First World WarPaul, L; Johnston, RR; Short, E; Paul, L; Johnston, RR; Short, E
2014Introduction: David Almond and Mystical RealismJohnston, RR; Johnston, RR
Jan-2005Landscape as palimpsest, pentimento, epiphany: Lucy Maud Montgomery's interiorisation of the exterior, exteriorisation of the interiorJohnston, RR
Jan-2006Language, Literature and Literacy in the digital ageJohnston, RR; Venetia Somerset
2010Language, literature, literacy and the Australian curriculumJohnston, RR
Jan-2002Learning and assessment in the workplace: models of practiceJohnston, RR; Hawke, GA; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
2014Literary Literacies: Digital, Cultural, Narrative, Critical and Deep LiteraciesJohnston, RR
Jan-2010The Literature Continuum and Deep LiteracyJohnston, RR; Winch, G; Johnston, R; March, P; Ljungdahl, L; Holliday, M
Jan-2008Of Connection and Community: Transdisciplinarity and the ArtsJohnston, RR; Nicolescu, B
2014Of Writing: The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean telt by hisselfJohnston, RR; Johnston, RR
Jan-2002Pertinent ou non?Johnston, RR
2014Pullman, the Idea of Soul, and Multimodal 'Seeability' in Northern Lights and the film Golden CompassJohnston, RR; Catherine Butler; Tommy Halsdorf
1-Dec-2003Relevant or not? Literature, literary research and literary researchers in troubled timesJohnston, RR
Jan-2004Renewing stories of childhood: Children's literature as a creative artJohnston, RR; Van Der Walt, T
Jan-2002The sense of "Before-us": Landscape and the Making of Mindscapes in Recent Australian Children's BooksJohnston, RR
Jan-2004South seas and fabled oceans: Australian voyager literature for young peopleJohnston, RR; Faessel, S; Perez, M
19-Aug-2019Stand Tall 2019. Impact studyJohnston, RR; Sinclair, N; Zeivots, S; Barchia, K; Myles, L
2014Starting Out: Introducing the bookJohnston, RR