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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Sydney's Dwelling PriceKarantonis, AC; Ge, J
Jan-2006Foreign investment in the Australian property market since 1980Karantonis, AC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2011Is Australia Selling Off Its Real Estate?Karantonis, AC; -
Jan-2007Is property being over taxed - a NSW studyKarantonis, AC
Jan-2010Is there a relationship between price and new construction in the residential markets of Australia? A preliminary finding.Karantonis, AC
Jan-2009No pain, no gain - the issue of housing stressKarantonis, AC
Jan-2008Population growth and housing affordability in the modern city-Sydney a case studyKarantonis, AC; Karantonis, A
Jan-2003The Predictive Accuracy of Investor Sentiment for Commercial Property in AustraliaNewell, G; Karantonis, AC
Jan-2007A present value approach to analysing residential propertyRickwood, P; Karantonis, AC
Jan-2008A profile of construction academics in AustraliaKarantonis, AC; Karantonis, A
Jan-2007A profile of property economists and the maturation of the academic disciplineSmall, GR; Karantonis, AC; N/A
Jan-2001Property Education, Training and PhenomenalismSmall, GR; Karantonis, AC; Publisher
Jan-2005Risk free profit from property - the government, the risk free partner.Karantonis, AC; Schwann, G
Jan-2009The underlying fundamentals of housing affordability: the Sydney dynamicsKarantonis, AC; n/a
Jan-2009Why the decline in new residential building activity?Karantonis, AC; Zilante, DG