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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Rapid loss of genetically based resistance to metals after the cleanup of a Superfund siteLevinton, JS; Suatoni, L; Wallace, WG; Junkins, R; Kelaher, BP; Allen, B
1-Oct-2006Ratio-dependent response of a temperate Australian estuarine system to sustained nitrogen loadingBishop, MJ; Kelaher, BP; Smith, MPL; York, PH; Booth, DJ
1-Mar-2009Reproductive periodicity of the tropical intertidal chiton acanthopleura gemmata at one tree Island, great barrier reef, near its southern latitudinal limitBarbosa, SS; Byrne, M; Kelaher, BP
Jan-2003The role of colonization in determining spatial patterns of Proscoloplos bondi sp. nov. (Orbiniidae, Annelida) in coralline algal turfKelaher, BP; Rouse, GW
Jan-2001Spatial patterns of diverse macrofaunal assemblages in coralline turf and their association with environmental variablesKelaher, BP; Chapman, MG; Underwood, AJ
1-Aug-2009Spatial patterns of wild oysters in the Hawkesbury River, NSW, AustraliaSummerhayes, SA; Kelaher, BP; Bishop, MJ
Jan-2007Spatial variation in molluscan assemblages from coralline turfs of Argentinean PatagoniaKelaher, BP; Castilla, JC; Prado, L; York, PH; Schwindt, E; Bortolus, A
1-Mar-2007Trophic cul-de-sac, Pyrazus ebeninus, limits trophic transfer through an estuarine detritus-based food webBishop, MJ; Kelaher, BP; Alquezar, R; York, PH; Ralph, PJ; Skilbeck, CG
8-Mar-2012Trophic responses to nutrient enrichment in a temperate seagrass food chainYork, PH; Kelaher, BP; Booth, DJ; Bishop, MJ
Jan-2005Variation in abundance and size-structure of populations of the small chiton, Acanthochitona retrojectaKelaher, BP; Cole, VJ
Jan-2003Variation in detrital enrichment causes spatio-temporal variation in soft-sediment assemblagesKelaher, BP; Levinton, JS