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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2013Long-term viscoplastic behaviour of embankments built on improved soft soil using vertical drainsAzari, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
1-Jun-2012Mechanical characteristics of soft clay treated with fibre and cementFatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
1-Jan-2016Mechanical Model to Analyse Multilayer Geosynthetic Reinforced Granular Layer in Column Supported EmbankmentsGhosh, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
Jan-2010Methods for Estimating Internal Erosion in Embankment DamsKhan, A; Khan, EU; Nasir, AB; Khabbaz, H; Kibria, S; Qureshi, HM; Rana, AM
1-Jan-2014Modelling behaviour of cemented clay capturing cementation degradationNguyen, L; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
4-Jan-2019Modelling of columns and fibre reinforced load transfer platform supported embankmentsDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H
Jan-2006Modelling of soil improvement induced by tree root suctionFatahi, B; Indraratna, B; Khabbaz, H; Buys, H; Hewitt, P; Moyle, R
1-Jan-2014Modelling of unsaturated ground behaviour influenced by vegetation transpirationFatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Indraratna, B
1-Jan-2009Modelling the erosion rate of chemically stabilized soil incorporating tensile force - deformation characteristicsIndraratna, B; Muttuvel, T; Khabbaz, H
Jan-2013A Newupper Bound Solution To Quantify The Ultimate Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations On Restricted SoilAfsharmazandaran, R; Khabbaz, H; Hossain, MZ; Shahin, HM
1-Jan-2016A Novel Model to Simulate the Behaviour of Cement-Treated Clay under Compression and ShearNguyen, L; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
1-Jan-2018Numerical analysis of concrete piles driving in saturated dense and loose sand depositsAghayarzadeh, M; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
1-Mar-2017Numerical analysis of geosynthetics and engineering fill in performance of reconditioned ballasted trackYap, HC; Khabbaz, H; Singh, J
1-Apr-2006Numerical analysis of matric suction effects of tree rootsIndraratna, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
1-Jan-2015Numerical analysis of vertical drains accelerated consolidation considering combined soil disturbance and visco-plastic behaviourAzari, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
2018Numerical Analysis on the Performance of Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform and Deep Mixing Columns Supported EmbankmentsDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H; Bouassida, M; Meguid, MA
1-Dec-2008Numerical and experimental study of tree influence on the groundFatahi, B; Indraratna, B; Khabbaz, H
1-Jan-2016Numerical Assessment of Fibre Inclusion in a Load Transfer Platform for Pile-Supported Embankments over Soft SoilDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
Jan-2011Numerical Back Analysis of Smear Zone Properties for Vertical Drain Assisted Preloading in Soft SoilsParsa Pajouh, A; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Shahin, MA; Nikraz, HR
1-Jan-2019A numerical comparison of installation sequences of plain concrete rigid inclusionsNguyen, HH; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B