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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010Realizing a framework for enhancing the laboratory experiences of non-physics majors: From pilot to large-scale implementationKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L
Jan-2004Reforming the Teaching of uncertainty to undergraduate science and engineering studentsKirkup, L; Jenkins, SA
1-Dec-2011Research-inspired learning revitalises the curriculum for first-year science majorsKirkup, L; Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2009The research-teaching nexus as a driver for science communication skills enhancementBonfiglioli, C; Kirkup, L; Woolf, I; Alexandra Hugman
15-May-2006System for measuring the junction temperature of a light emitting diode immersed in liquid nitrogenKirkup, L; Kalceff, W; McCredie, G
15-Aug-2008A system for supplying constant electrical power for postprocessing tin-doped indium oxide filmsBertinshaw, J; Kirkup, L; Phillips, M; Placido, F
Jan-2003Teaching mathematics and physics for engineers: refections from the chalk faceKirkup, L; Wood, LN; Mather, G; Logan, PF; May, RL; Byth, WF
Jan-2003Teaching mathematics and physics to engineers : reflections from the back rowWood, LN; Mather, G; Logan, PF; Kirkup, L; May, RL; Blyth, WF
Jan-2007Teaching Physics to non-physics majors: models extant in Australian UniversitiesKirkup, L; Scott, D; Sharma, M; Johnston, PI
16-Oct-2015Two decades of inquiry-oriented learning in first year undergraduate physics laboratories: an Australian ExperienceKirkup, L; Blessinger, P; Carfora, JM
1-Jan-2008What does a physics undergraduate education give you? A perspective from Australian physicsSharma, M; Pollard, J; Mendez, A; Mills, D; O'Byrne, J; Scott, D; Hagon, S; Gribble, J; Kirkup, L; Livett, M; Low, D; Merchant, A; Rayner, A; Swan, G; Zadnik, M; Zealey, W