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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-26Section introduction: Dialogic education and digital technologyKnight, S; Mercer, N; Wegerif, R; Major, L
2015-09-12Situating CIS: The importance of context in collaborative information seekingNewman, K; Knight, S; Hansen, P; Elbeshausen, S
2011-11-01So you want to do (free) research?Knight, S
2017-06-01Socialising Epistemic CognitionKnight, S; Littleton, K
2019A taxonomy of disagreements related to health and nutrition informationDeroover, K; BUCHER, T; Knight, S; Maddison, R; Salonna, F
2020-07-02The absence of a media literacy toolbox: working towards an evaluation toolYakub, G; Knight, S; Kitto, K; Fray, P
2020-06The Ethical Turn in Epistemic CognitionKnight, S
2015-05-22Thinking, interthinking, and technological toolsKnight, S; Littleton, K
2017-12Time for Change: Why Learning Analytics Needs Temporal AnalysisKnight, S; Wise, AF; Chen, B
2017-12Towards a Convergent Development of Learning AnalyticsOchoa, X; Hershkovitz, A; Wise, A; Knight, S
2017-07-05Towards Analytics for Wholistic School Improvement: Hierarchical Process Modelling and Evidence VisualizationDeakin Crick, R; Knight, S; Barr, S
2017-03-13Towards mining sequences and dispersion of rhetorical moves in student written textsKnight, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Gibson, A; Shum, SB
2018-01-01Understanding revisions in student writing through revision graphsShibani, A; Knight, S; Buckingham Shum, S
2014-01-01Using an objective structured clinical examination for bachelor of midwifery students' preparation for practiceMitchell, ML; Jeffrey, CA; Henderson, A; Glover, P; Nulty, DD; Kelly, MA; Groves, M; Knight, S
2011Using the ultimatum game to teach economic theories of relationship maintenance to A-level studentsKnight, S
2014-01-01The value of best-practice guidelines for OSCEs in a postgraduate program in an Australian remote area settingJeffery, CA; Mitchell, ML; Henderson, A; Lenthall, S; Knight, S; Glover, P; Kelly, M; Nulty, D; Groves, M
-What Makes Learning Analytics Research MatterWise, AF; Knight, S; Ochoa, X
2018-12-11When Are Learning Analytics Ready and What Are They Ready ForWise, A; Knight, S; Ochoa, X
2022-01-01Why do experts disagree? The development of a taxonomyDeroover, K; Knight, S; Burke, P; Bucher, T
2021-05-08Workshop on Technologies to Support Critical Thinking in an Age of MisinformationDingler, T; Tag, B; Lorenz-Spreen, P; Vargo, AW; Knight, S; Lewandowsky, S