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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Decentralised Energy Costs and Opportunities for VictoriaLangham, E; Dunstan, C; Cooper, C; Moore, DD; Mohr, SH; Ison, N
28-Jun-2017Demand Management Incentives Review: Creating a level playing field for network DM in the National Electricity MarketDunstan, C; Alexander, D; Morris, T; Langham, E; Jazbec, M
1-Sep-2016An Economic Impact Analysis of Local Generation Network Credits in New South WalesKelly, S; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; McIntosh, L
Jan-2011Electrical trades in the green economy: analysis of the NSW energy sector to 2020Rutovitz, J; Ison, N; Langham, E; Paddon, M
2014A level playing field for local energy. Issues paper prepared for the City of Sydney.Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; Downes, J
1-Sep-2016Local Electricity Trading: Issues for RetailersRutovitz, J; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Downes, J
1-Jan-2015Local Network Charges and Local Electricity Trading: Market ScanMcIntosh, L; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E
1-Sep-2018Local network credits and local electricity trading: Results of virtual trials and the policy implicationsRutovitz, J; Oliva H., S; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Teske, S; Atherton, A; Kelly, S
1-Sep-2016Methodology for calculating a local network creditMcIntosh, L; Langham, E; Rutovitz, J; Atherton, A
30-Nov-2016The network value of distributed generationKelly; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; McIntosh, L
Jan-2013Our energy future: Renewable energy master planIson, N; Ross, K; Cooper, C; Brennan, T; Langham, E; Wynne, L; Riedy, C; Downes, J
Jan-2011Parkes Shire Council: Distributed energy plan - information sheetRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Ison, N; Dunstan, C
Jan-2011Parkes Shire Council: Distributed energy plan - reportRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Ison, N; Dunstan, C
1-Jan-2015Renewable power options enabled by Local Electricity Trading.McIntosh, L; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E
Jun-2014Smart Grid, Smart City, Customer Research ReportLangham, E; Downes, J; Brennan, T; Fyfe, J; Mohr, SH; Rickwood, P; White, S
Jan-2011Think small: The Australian decentralised energy roadmap: Issue 1, December 2011Dunstan, C; Boronyak, LJ; Langham, E; Ison, N; Usher, J; Cooper, C; White, S
1-Sep-2016Towards a method to calculate a local network creditLangham, E; Rutovitz, J; McIntosh, L
Jan-2013Virtual net metering in Australia: Opportunities and barriersLangham, E; Cooper, C; Ison, N
1-Sep-2016Virtual trial of Local Electricity Trading and Local Network Credits: a community solar farmRutovitz, J; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Atherton, A
1-Sep-2016Virtual trial of Local Network Credits and Local Electricity Trading: Byron Shire CouncilRutovitz, J; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L; Teske, S; Langham, E