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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Australia's System of Local GovernmentRyan, R; Lawrie, A
1-Sep-2016The Australian Experience of Municipal Amalgamation: Asking the Citizenry and Exploring the ImplicationsRyan, R; Hastings, C; Grant, B; Lawrie, A; Ní Shé, É; Wortley, L
2016Customer Research and Participatory Decision Making by UtilitiesRyan, R; Lawrie, A
2016Customer Social Research StrategyRyan, R; Lawrie, A
2016The Future of Gwydir: Community Engagement 2015-16Ryan, R; Molloy, L; Alvarez, T; Lawrie, A
1-Jan-2018Global city SydneyVogel, RK; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B; Meng, X; Walsh, P; Morris, A; Riedy, C
1-Feb-2018Gwydir Shire Council - Local Government Innovation Grant Deliberative Panel 18010Lawrie, A; Johnston, S
1-Jun-2017How local governments can increase the social and economic participation of people with disabilityHunting, S; Goodall, A; Pavkovic, I; Lawrie, A; Ryan, R
2016Land Development Approval Process ReviewRyan, R; Lawrie, A
2016Peer Assessment EvaluationRyan, R; Lawrie, A
7-Dec-2015Reforming ‘Sydney global city’: Mapping enduring sites of institutional conflictGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Kriesler, P
2016Sentiments and Attitudes Toward Biosolid ReuseRyan, R; Wortley, L; Lawrie, A
Dec-2015Strategic Review of the Great Eastern Ranges initiativeHunting, SA; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A
17-Jun-2015Why Local Government MattersRyan, R; Hastings, C; Woods, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B
Jun-2015Why Local Government Matters: summary reportRyan, R; Hastings, C; Woods, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B