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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Challenges in Prototyping Email in Three DimensionsHumphreys, TJ; Leung, LT; Weakley, AJ; Docherty, M; Kenderdine, S; Wyeld, T
Jan-2011Consumer advocacy for refugees and communications technology: highlights from Mind the GapLeung, LT; Papandrea, F; Armstrong, M
29-Oct-2015The Creative Other: marginalization of and from the creative industriesLeung, LT
Jan-2005Designing Online Experiences: Beyond the Tyranny of UsabilityLeung, LT; Redmond, J; Durling, D; de Bono, A
Jan-2008Email as co-habitat in distributed organisationsLeung, LT; Humphreys, TJ; Weakley, AJ; Bidwell, N; Vetere, F; Satchell, C; Graham, C; Muhlberger, R; Lui, C
Jan-2003Experience design: practising what we preach when negotiating technological and educational interdisciplinarityLeung, LT; NA
2015Experiential Equality and Digital DiscriminationLeung, LT; Benz, P
Jan-2008From "Victims of the Digital Divide" to "Techno-Elites": Gender, Class, and Contested "Asianness" in Online and Offline GeographiesLeung, LT; Gajjala, R; Gajjala, V
Jan-2002It's all there in black and white: media studies and the theorising of race and ethnicitty on the world wide webLeung, LT
Jan-2006Legal System: Small claims, big implications: usability of legal systems in theory and practiceLeung, LT
30-Nov-2014Looking across digital divides: possible interventions in inclusive and accessible service designLeung, LT
Jan-2011Mind the Gap: Refugee and communication technology literacyLeung, LT
Jan-2007Mobility and Displacement: refugees' mobile media practices in immigration detentionLeung, LT
Jan-2005Postcard from the Edge: Autobiographical Musings on the Dis/organisations of the Multimedia IndustryLeung, LT
Jan-2008Technology and power in immigration detention: Communicating fear in and about detained asylum seekersLeung, LT; Tilley, E
Jan-2009Technology's Refuge: the use of technology by asylum seekers and refugeesLeung, LT; Finney Lamb, C; Emrys, L
Jan-2005Virtual Ethnicity: Race, resistance and the world wide webLeung, LT