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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Developing a validity argument for a simulation-based model of entrustment in dispensing skills assessment framework.Croft H; Gilligan C; Rasiah R; Levett-Jones T; Schneider J
2020Development and inclusion of an entrustable professional activity (EPA) scale in a simulation-based medicine dispensing assessmentCroft H; Gilligan C; Rasiah R; Levett-Jones T; Schneider J
2019-09Early Enteral Nutrition Within 24 Hours of Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery Versus Later Commencement for Length of Hospital Stay and Postoperative Complications.Levett-Jones T
2020-02-19Evaluation of the 'Empathic Care of a Vulnerable Older Person' e-simulation.Reid-Searl K; Levett-Jones T; Lapkin S; Jakimowicz S; Hunter J; Rawlings-Anderson K
2020-04-01Mobilising the nursing student workforce in COVID-19: The value propositionBogossian F; McKenna L; Levett-Jones T
2019Physical activity for women diagnosed with breast cancer after adjuvant therapy: A Cochrane review summary.Levett-Jones T; Jones M
2020-07Progress in the Quest to Improve Patient Safety through Simulation.Levett-Jones T; Bogossian F; Cooper S; Kelly M; McKenna L; Seaton P
2020-07'She would wash the patients as if she was scrubbing a dirty plate in the sink': Exploring nursing students experiences of care delivery.Jack K; Levett-Jones T; Ion R; Pich J; Fulton R; Ylonen AM; Hamshire C
-Staff perceptions on the role and value of chaplains in first responder and military settings: A scoping reviewTunks Leach K; Lewis J; Levett-Jones T