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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Do dynamic global vegetation models capture the seasonality of carbon fluxes in the Amazon basin? A data-model intercomparisonRestrepo-Coupe, N; Levine, NM; Christoffersen, BO; Albert, LP; Wu, J; Costa, MH; Galbraith, D; Imbuzeiro, H; Martins, G; da Araujo, AC; Malhi, YS; Zeng, X; Moorcroft, P; Saleska, SR
2018-08-01Ecosystem heterogeneity and diversity mitigate Amazon forest resilience to frequent extreme droughtsLongo, M; Knox, RG; Levine, NM; Alves, LF; Bonal, D; Camargo, PB; Fitzjarrald, DR; Hayek, MN; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Saleska, SR; da Silva, R; Stark, SC; Tapajós, RP; Wiedemann, KT; Zhang, K; Wofsy, SC; Moorcroft, PR
2023-10-04Genus-Wide Transcriptional Landscapes Reveal Correlated Gene Networks Underlying Microevolutionary Divergence in Diatoms.Walworth, NG; Espinoza, JL; Argyle, PA; Hinners, J; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA; Dupont, CL; Collins, S; Josephs, E
2019-08-07Microbial rhodopsins are major contributors to the solar energy captured in the seaGómez-Consarnau, L; Raven, JA; Levine, NM; Cutter, LS; Wang, D; Seegers, B; Arístegui, J; Fuhrman, JA; Gasol, JM; Sañudo-Wilhelmy, SA
2021-10-25Multivariate trait analysis reveals diatom plasticity constrained to a reduced set of biological axesArgyle, PA; Walworth, NG; Hinners, J; Collins, S; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA
2021-06-16The evolution of trait correlations constrains phenotypic adaptation to high CO2 in a eukaryotic algaWalworth, NG; Hinners, J; Argyle, PA; Leles, SG; Doblin, MA; Collins, S; Levine, NM
2022The Microbiological Drivers of Temporally Dynamic Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Cycling Processes in Australian Coastal Shelf Waters.O'Brien, J; McParland, EL; Bramucci, AR; Ostrowski, M; Siboni, N; Ingleton, T; Brown, MV; Levine, NM; Laverock, B; Petrou, K; Seymour, J
2021-05Understanding water and energy fluxes in the Amazonia: Lessons from an observation-model intercomparison.Restrepo-Coupe, N; Albert, LP; Longo, M; Baker, I; Levine, NM; Mercado, LM; da Araujo, AC; Christoffersen, BO; Costa, MH; Fitzjarrald, DR; Galbraith, D; Imbuzeiro, H; Malhi, Y; von Randow, C; Zeng, X; Moorcroft, P; Saleska, SR