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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2010Mining for the antibody-antigen interacting associations that predict the B cell epitopesZhao, L; Li, J
1-Jan-2011Mining iterative generators and representative rules for software specification discoveryLo, D; Li, J; Wong, L; Khoo, SC
2009Mining maximal quasi-bicliques: Novel algorithm and applications in the stock market and protein networksSim, K; Li, J; Gopalkrishnan, V; Liu, G
1-Nov-2009Mining maximal quasi-bicliques: Novel algorithm and applications in the stock market and protein networksSim, K; Li, J; Gopalkrishnan, V; Liu, G
31-Dec-2018Mining statistically-solid k-mers for accurate NGS error correctionZhao, L; Xie, J; Bai, L; Chen, W; Wang, M; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Zhao, Z; Li, J
1-Jun-2008Mitigation of seismic responses on building structures using MR dampers with Lyapunov-based controlHa, QP; Kwok, NM; Nguyen, MT; Li, J; Samali, B
1-Dec-2007Modal-based damage identification methods for plate-like structuresLi, J; Choi, FC; Samali, B
Jan-2012Model the Complex Dependence Structures of Financial Variables by Using Canonical VineWei, W; Fan, X; Li, J; Cao, L; Wei, W
19-Dec-2012Model the complex dependence structures of financial variables by using canonical vineWei, W; Fan, X; Li, J; Cao, L
3-Nov-2015Model Updating for Loading Capacity Estimation of Concrete Structures using Ambient VibrationNguyen, V; Dackermann, U; Alamdari, MM; Li, J; Runcie, P
1-Jan-2014Modeling asymmetry and tail dependence among multiple variables by using partial regular vineWei, W; Yin, J; Li, J; Cao, L
15-Aug-2014Modeling evapotranspiration and energy balance in a wheat-maize cropping system using the revised RZ-SHAW modelFang, QX; Ma, L; Flerchinger, GN; Qi, Z; Ahuja, LR; Xing, HT; Li, J; Yu, Q
19-Mar-2010Modeling protein interacting groups by quasi-bicliques: Complexity, algorithm, and applicationLiu, X; Li, J; Wang, L
Jan-2005Modeling water and carbon fluxes above summer maize field in North China Plain with back-propagation neural networksQin, Z; Su, G; Yu, Q; Hu, B; Li, J
1-Dec-2008Monitoring bridge deterioration using sensorsSamali, B; Li, J; Aboura, K
16-May-2017Most influential community search over large social networksLi, J; Wang, X; Deng, K; Yang, X; Sellis, T; Yu, JX
Jan-2005MR Damper Structural Control Using a Multi-Level Sliding Mode ControllerKwok, N; Nguyen, T; Ha, QP; Li, J; Samali, B; Lam, NTK; Wilson, JL; Butler, B
25-Sep-2013A multi-objective subtractive FCM based TSK fuzzy system with input selection, and its application to dynamic inverse modelling of MR dampersAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
1-Dec-2008Multidisciplinary medical team meetings: A field study of collaboration in health careLi, J; Robertson, T; Hansen, S; Mansfield, T; Kjeldskov, J
1-Nov-2016Multiple representations-based face sketch-photo synthesisPeng, C; Gao, X; Wang, N; Tao, D; Li, X; Li, J