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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Magneto-rheological Shear Dampers; Quasi-static Modelling and SimulationSamali, B; Widjaja, JH; Li, J; Reizes, J; Mathew, PJ
1-Jan-2016Magnetorheological elastomer base isolator for earthquake response mitigation on building structures: Modeling and second-order sliding mode controlYu, Y; Royel, S; Li, J; Li, Y; Ha, Q
1-Mar-2017Manganese Sesquioxide as Cathode Material for Multivalent Zinc Ion Battery with High Capacity and Long Cycle LifeJiang, B; Xu, C; Wu, C; Dong, L; Li, J; Kang, F
1-Dec-2017MapReduce for accurate error correction of next-generation sequencing dataZhao, L; Chen, Q; Li, W; Jiang, P; Wong, L; Li, J
Jan-2003A Mathematical Hysteretic Model for ER/MR Fluid DampersWidjaja, JH; Samali, B; Li, J
1-Dec-2007Maximal biclique subgraphs and closed pattern pairs of the adjacency matrix: A one-to-one correspondence and mining algorithmsLi, J; Liu, G; Li, H; Wong, L
1-Oct-2008Maximal quasi-bicliques with balanced noise tolerance: Concepts and co-clustering applicationsLi, J; Sim, K; Liu, G; Wong, L
2010Maximization Of Negative Correlations In Time-course Gene Expression Data For Enhancing Understanding Of Molecular PathwaysZeng, T; Li, J
1-Mar-2017Measurement of Three-Dimensional Magnetic Properties with Feedback Control and Harmonic CompensationZhang, C; Li, Y; Li, J; Yang, Q; Zhu, J
8-Sep-2019Mechanical properties of ASR affected concrete: a critical reviewNguyen, TN; Yu, Y; Li, J; Gowripalan, N; Sirivivatnanon, V
17-Dec-2015Membrane fouling reduction and improvement of sludge characteristics by bioflocculant addition in submerged membrane bioreactorDeng, L; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Zuthi, MFR; Zhang, J; Liang, S; Li, J; Wang, J; Zhang, X
15-Feb-2017Mesoscale study of steel fibre-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete under static and dynamic loadsSu, Y; Li, J; Wu, C; Wu, P; Tao, M; Li, X
1-Sep-2008Micrometeorological measurements of nitrous oxide exchange above a croplandLi, J; Tong, X; Yu, Q; Dong, Y; Peng, C
Jan-2008Micrometerological measurements of nitrous oxide exchange in a croplandLi, J; Tong, X; Yu, Q; Dong, Y; Peng, C
17-Jan-2018Microstrip Patch Antennas with Multiple Parasitic Patches and Shorting Vias for Bandwidth EnhancementXu, KD; Xu, H; Liu, Y; Li, J; Liu, QH
1-Oct-2012A mini-review on membrane foulingGuo, W; Ngo, HH; Li, J
1-Oct-2008Mining and ranking generators of sequential patternsLo, D; Khoo, SC; Li, J
1-Aug-2005Mining border descriptions of emerging patterns from dataset pairsDong, G; Li, J
28-May-2010Mining for the antibody-antigen interacting associations that predict the B cell epitopesZhao, L; Li, J
1-Jan-2011Mining iterative generators and representative rules for software specification discoveryLo, D; Li, J; Wong, L; Khoo, SC