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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2011Text-based image retrieval using progressive multi-instance learningLi, W; Duan, L; Xu, D; Tsang, IWH
1-Dec-2018A Three-Layered Mutually Reinforced Model for Personalized Citation RecommendationCai, X; Han, J; Li, W; Zhang, R; Pan, S; Yang, L
1-Mar-2016Traffic sign localization based on edge-color pair and feature filtersLi, W; Li, H; Dong, T; Yao, J; He, X
Jan-2003Uncertainty reasoning based on filter of lattice implication algebraMa, J; Xu, Y; Li, T; Li, W; NA
6-Dec-2018Unified Ciphertext-Policy weighted attribute-based encryption for sharing data in cloud computingLi, W; Ni, W; Liu, D; Liu, RP; Luo, S
1-May-2019Unified fine-grained access control for personal health records in cloud computingLi, W; Liu, BM; Liu, D; Liu, RP; Wang, P; Luo, S; Ni, W
3-Jul-2017Using Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) as a pretreatment option for anaerobic digestate from cattle manure digestion systemGong, W; Luo, L; Li, W; Luo, X; Liang, H; Ngo, HH; Guo, W
1-Jun-2018Vibration control of an energy regenerative seat suspension with variable external resistanceNing, D; Sun, S; Du, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2013Vibration control of vehicle seat integrating with chassis suspension and driver body modelDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
1-Aug-2018Visual Recognition in RGB Images and Videos by Learning from RGB-D DataLi, W; Chen, L; Xu, D; Van Gool, L
1-Jan-2017Who will be the next to drop out? Anticipating dropouts in MOOCs with multi-view featuresJiang, F; Li, W
1-Oct-2019Would personal carbon trading enhance individual adopting intention of battery electric vehicles more effectively than a carbon tax?Li, W; Long, R; Chen, H; Yang, M; Chen, F; Zheng, X; Li, C
20-Jun-2017中医短期留学生教学( 英语) 的实践与探讨Li, W