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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A biscuit-like separator enabling high performance lithium batteries by continuous and protected releasing of NO<inf>3</inf><sup>−</sup> in carbonate electrolyteLiu Y; Qin X; Zhou D; Xia H; Zhang S; Chen G; Kang F; Li B
2020-07-10A long non-coding RNA, HOTAIR, promotes cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis by inhibiting WIF-1 expression and activating Wnt pathway.Yang Y; Xing D; Wang Y; Jia H; Li B; Li JJ
2020-01-01A novel manoeuvre stability controller based on vehicle state prediction and intellectual braking torque distributionZhang L; Wu Y; Li B; Zhang B; Zhang N
2020-01-01A Review for Weighted MinHash AlgorithmsWu W; Li B; Chen L; Gao J; Zhang C
2020-03Boost Anion Storage Capacity Using Conductive Polymer as a Pseudocapacitive Cathode for High-Energy and Flexible Lithium Ion Capacitors.Han C; Tong J; Tang X; Zhou D; Duan H; Li B; Wang G
2020-03-11Boosting Sodium Storage in Two-Dimensional Phosphorene/Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanoarchitectures with Stable Fluorinated Interphase.Guo X; Zhang W; Zhang J; Zhou D; Tang X; Xu X; Li B; Liu H; Wang G
-Concurrent Identification of Impact Location and Force Magnitude on a Composite PanelKalhori H; Alamdari MM; Li B; Halkon B; Hosseini SM; Ye L; Li Z
2020-06-01Decentralized privacy using blockchain-enabled federated learning in fog computingQu Y; Gao L; Luan TH; Xiang Y; Yu S; Li B; Zheng G
2020-06Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Self-Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long-Life Lithium-Metal Batteries.Jaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-06-02Deep‐Eutectic‐Solvent‐Based Self‐Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long‐Life Lithium‐Metal BatteriesJaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2019-01-01Online engagement for a healthier you: A Case Study of Web-based Supermarket Health ProgramLuo L; Li B; Berkovsky S; Koprinska I; Chen F
2020Perspectives of energy transitions in East and Southeast AsiaLi B; Nian V; Shi X; Li H; Boey A
2020Safe LAGP-based all solid-state Li metal batteries with plastic super-conductive interlayer enabled by in-situ solidificationLiu Q; Yu Q; Li S; Wang S; Zhang LH; Cai B; Zhou D; Li B