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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-28Critical transmission paths and nodes of carbon emissions in electricity supply chain.Zhao Y; Cao Y; Shi X; Wang S; Yang H; Shi L; Li H; Zhang J
2020-04-28Defective crystal plane-oriented induced lattice polarization for the photocatalytic enhancement of ZnOBai X; Sun B; Wang X; Zhang T; Hao Q; Ni BJ; Zong R; Zhang Z; Zhang X; Li H
2020-11-01Dynamic modelling and control of shear-mode rotational MR damper for mitigating hazard vibration of building structuresYu Y; Royel S; Li Y; Li J; Yousefi AM; Gu X; Li S; Li H
2020-05-21Electrochemically assisted synthesis of poly(3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) fluorescent organic nanoparticles for sensing applicationsLi H; Liu M; Qiu R; Liu Z; Wang C; Wang G
2019High dimensional Bayesian optimization via supervised dimension reductionZhang M; Li H; Su S
2020-09-22Identifying critical factors influencing the safety of Chinese subway construction projectsZhang S; Sunindijo RY; Loosemore M; Wang S; Gu Y; Li H
2019-05-01Isogeometric density field method for topology optimization of micro-architected materialsGao J; Li H; Luo Z; Li P; Gao L; Shen WM; Paredes H; Luo J; Barthes JP
-Multi-Head Self-Attention Model for Classification of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy SubtypesGu P; Wu T; Zou M; Pan Y; Guo J; Xiahou J; Peng X; Li H; Ma J; Zhang L
2019-03-18Multiscale Modeling of Magnetic Distribution in a Magnetic Core of High-frequency TransformerLi H; Wang S; Zhang N; Zhu J
2020-06-01Negative stiffness devices for vibration isolation applications: A reviewLi H; Li Y; Li J
2020Perspectives of energy transitions in East and Southeast AsiaLi B; Nian V; Shi X; Li H; Boey A
2019QoS-aware service recommendation based on relational topic model and factorization machines for IoT Mashup applicationsCao B; Liu J; Wen Y; Li H; Xiao Q; Chen J
2020-08Reinforcement learning based optimizer for improvement of predicting tunneling-induced ground responsesZhang P; Li H; Ha QP; Yin Z-Y; Chen R-P
2020-01-01See Clearly in the Distance: Representation Learning GAN for Low Resolution Object RecognitionXi Y; Zheng J; Jia W; He X; Li H; Ren Z; Lam KM
2020-03-01Sub-10 nm NaNdF4 Nanoparticles as Near-Infrared Photothermal Probes with Self-Temperature FeedbackXu L; Li J; Lu K; Wen S; Chen H; Shahzad MK; Zhao E; Li H; Ren J; Zhang J; Liu L
2020-12-01Synthesis of carbon nitride quantum dots and biocompatibility evaluation using C. elegans as a model organismLi H; Fei C; Yang D; Tan C; Chen Z; Wang J; Wang G; Fan H; Yao H; Wang C; Chong H