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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Human Rights and Neoliberal Wrongs in the Indigenous child welfare spaceLibesman, T; Hendry, J; Tatum, M; Jorgensen, M; Howard-Wagner, D
2008-01A human rights framework for contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's well beingLibesman, T
2007Indigenising Indigenous child welfareLibesman, T
2007-01Indigenising Indigenous child welfareLibesman, T
2018-12-17Indigenous Australians: Continuity of colonisation in law and social workLibesman, T; Briskman, L; Rice, S; Day, A; Briskman, L
2016Indigenous Child Welfare Post Bringing them Home: From Aspirations for Self-Determination to Neoliberal AssimilationLibesman, T
2008-01Indigenous Children and Contemporary Child WelfareLibesman, T; Monahan, G; Young, L
2009Indigenous Legal Relations in AustraliaLibesman, T; Behrendt, L; Cunneen, C
2019Indigenous Women and Criminal JusticeCunneen, C; Behrendt, L; Cunneen, C; Libesman, T; Watson, N
2012-01International Human Rights Law and the Needs of Indigenous ChildrenLibesman, T; Sheehan, R; Rhoades, H; Stanley, N
2019Juvenile JusticeCunneen, C; Behrendt, L; Cunneen, C; Libesman, T; Watson, N
2014Locating Moral ResponsibilityLibesman, T; Libesman, T
2002Removed and Discarded: The contemporary legacy of the stolen generationsCunneen, C; Libesman, T
2009-01Social work practice and Indigenous AustraliansBriskman, L; Libesman, T; Swain, P; Rice, S
2004-01Towards an Inclusive Early Childhood AgendaLibesman, T
2019-03-07Warfare to welfare: genocide to racial discriminationLibesman, T; Behrendt, L; Cunneen, C; Libesman, T