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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-19On Channel Classification by Using DTMB SignalJin, M; Xiong, J; Liu, B; Xiao, L
2022-05-01On the predictive power of tweet sentiments and attention on bitcoinSuardi, S; Rasel, AR; Liu, B
2022-01-01One Parameter Defense - Defending Against Data Inference Attacks via Differential PrivacyYe, D; Shen, S; Zhu, T; Liu, B; Zhou, W
2011-12-01One-class-based uncertain data stream learningLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2021-10-21Optical Fingerprint Classification of Single Upconversion Nanoparticles by Deep Learning.Liao, J; Zhou, J; Song, Y; Liu, B; Lu, J; Jin, D
2018-05-01Optimal prize allocation in contests: The role of negative prizesLiu, B; Lu, J; Wang, R; Zhang, J
2020-12-01Optimal Selection of Heterogeneous Network Interfaces for High-Speed Rail CommunicationsLiu, B; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Zhu, H
2016-01-01Optimization of upconversion luminescence of Nd<sup>3+</sup>-sensitized BaGdF<inf>5</inf>-based nanostructures and their application in dual-modality imaging and drug deliveryHe, F; Li, C; Zhang, X; Chen, Y; Deng, X; Liu, B; Hou, Z; Huang, S; Jin, D; Lin, J
2010-12-01Orientation distance-based discriminative feature extraction for multi-class classificationLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2021-10-17Personalized and Invertible Face De-identification by Disentangled Identity Information ManipulationCao, J; Liu, B; Wen, Y; Xie, R; Song, L
2008-01Physical and mechanical properties of autoclaved alumina-silica rich industrial waste cement systems incorporating reactive magnesiaLiu, B; Ray, AS; Thomas, P
2016-05-01Practical Asynchronous Neighbor Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks with Directional AntennasTian, F; Liu, B; Cai, H; Zhou, H; Gui, L
2021-02Practice- and individual-level antibiotic prescribing associated with antibiotic treatment non-response in respiratory tract infections: a national retrospective observational study.Peng, Z; Hayen, A; Liu, B
2019-01-01Preliminary of identifying propagation sourcesJiang, J; Wen, S; Yu, S; Liu, B; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W
2019-01-01Preliminary of modeling malicious attack propagationJiang, J; Wen, S; Yu, S; Liu, B; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W
2021-09-22Preselectable Optical Fingerprints of Heterogeneous Upconversion Nanoparticles.Liao, J; Zhou, J; Song, Y; Liu, B; Chen, Y; Wang, F; Chen, C; Lin, J; Chen, X; Lu, J; Jin, D
2021Privacy in Location-Based Data MiningLiu, B; Zhu, T; Yu, PS
2020Privacy Preservation in Location-Based Services: A Novel Metric and Attack ModelShaham, S; Ding, M; Liu, B; Dang, S; Lin, Z; Li, J
2020Privacy Preserving Location Data Publishing: A Machine Learning ApproachShaham, S; Ding, M; Liu, B; Dang, S; Lin, Z; Li, J
2022-02-01Private-encoder: Enforcing privacy in latent space for human face imagesZhao, Y; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W