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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Dynamic multilevel optimization of machine design and control parameters based on correlation analysisMeng, X; Wang, S; Qiu, J; Zhu, JG; Wang, Y; Guo, Y; Liu, D; Xu, W
13-Dec-2017Effect of External Force and Bimanual Operation on Upper Limb Pose during Human-Robot CollaborationKhonasty, R; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Aldini, S; Kodagoda, S
1-Jan-2017Effect of external force and bimanual operation on upper limb pose during human-robot collaborationKhonasty, R; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Aldini, S
1-Jan-2017Effect of external force and bimanual operation on upper limb pose during human-robot collaborationKhonasty, R; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Aldini, S
24-May-2019Effect of Mechanical Resistance on Cognitive Conflict in Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Akella, A; Singh, A; Wang, Y-K; Carmichael, M; Liu, D; Lin, C-T
1-Dec-2011Effect of view distance and movement scale on haptic-based teleoperation of industrial robots in complex environmentsChotiprayanakul, P; Liu, D; Paul, G
1-Nov-2009An effective exploration approach to simultaneous mapping and surface material-type identification of complex three-dimensional environmentsPaul, G; Liu, D; Kirchner, N; Dissanayake, G
14-Nov-2013Efficient neighbourhood-based information gain approach for exploration of complex 3D environmentsQuin, P; Paul, G; Alempijevic, A; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2006An efficient path planner for large mobile platforms in cluttered environmentsTaha, T; Miro, JV; Liu, D
Jan-2007An efficient strategy for robot navigation in cluttered environments in the presence of dynamic obstaclesValls Miro, J; Taha, T; Wang, D; Dissanayake, G; Liu, D; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
1-Jan-2009An efficient trajectory planning approach for autonomous robots in complex bridge environmentsKeung To, W; Paul, G; Ming Kwok, N; Liu, D
22-Jun-2016Efficiently computing reverse k furthest neighborsWang, S; Cheema, MA; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Liu, D
1-Dec-2011Electromyogram (EMG) based fingers movement recognition using Neighborhood Preserving Analysis with QR-decompositionKhushaba, RN; Kodagoda, S; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2016Emission stability and reversibility of upconversion nanocrystalsLiu, D; Xu, X; Wang, F; Zhou, J; Mi, C; Zhang, L; Lu, Y; Ma, C; Goldys, E; Lin, J; Jin, D
11-Oct-2012Energy balance closure and its effects on evapotranspiration measurements with the eddy covariance technique in a croplandLiu, D; Li, J; Yu, Q; Tong, X; Ouyang, Z
15-Jul-2013Estimating physical assistance need using a musculoskeletal modelCarmichael, MG; Liu, D
1-Dec-2008Evaluating performance of multiple RRTsClifton, M; Paul, G; Kwok, N; Liu, D; Wang, DL
1-Oct-2009Evolving remote laboratory architectures to leverage emerging internet technologiesLowe, D; Murray, S; Lindsay, E; Liu, D
4-Dec-2018Excessive Disturbance Rejection Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Reinforcement LearningWang, T; Lu, W; Liu, D
1-Jan-2014Expanding wavefront frontier detection: An approach for efficiently detecting frontier cellsQuin, P; Alempijevic, A; Paul, G; Liu, D