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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Discrete Laplacian Operator and Its Applications in Signal ProcessingWaheed W; Deng G; Liu B
2020-04-14EXamining ouTcomEs in chroNic Disease in the 45 and Up Study (the EXTEND45 Study): Protocol for an Australian Linked Cohort Study.Foote C; Hockham C; Sukkar L; Campain A; Kang A; Young T; Cass A; Chow CK; Comino E; Gallagher M; Jan S; Knight J; Liu B; McNamara M; Peiris D; Pollock C; Sullivan D; Wong G; Zoungas S; Rogers K; Jun M; Jardine M
2020-06Hiding Private Information in Images From AIXue H; Liu B; Din M; Song L; Zhu T
2020-04-25Microbiology testing associated with antibiotic dispensing in older community-dwelling adults.Peng Z; Hayen A; Kirk MD; Pearson S; Cheng AC; Liu B
2020Privacy Preserving Location Data Publishing: A Machine Learning ApproachShaham S; Ding M; Liu B; Dang S; Lin Z; Li J
2019-06-01Protecting Multimedia Privacy from Both Humans and AILiu B; Xiong J; Wu Y; Ding M; Wu CM
2020-02-23Throughput Analysis of Buffer-Aided Decode-and-Forward Wireless Relaying with RF Energy Harvesting.Huynh P; Phan KT; Liu B; Ross R
2019-01-22Towards Biological Sequence Data Service with InsightsChen H; Shen J; Wang L; Chi CH; Abe N; Liu H; Pu C; Hu X; Ahmed N; Qiao M; Song Y; Kossmann D; Liu B; Lee K; Tang J; He J; Saltz J
2020-07Upconversion Nonlinear Structured Illumination Microscopy.Liu B; Chen C; Di X; Liao J; Wen S; Su QP; Shan X; Xu Z-Q; Ju LA; Mi C; Wang F; Jin D
2020-09Video-rate upconversion display from optimized lanthanide ion doped upconversion nanoparticles.Gao L; Shan X; Xu X; Liu Y; Liu B; Li S; Wen S; Ma C; Jin D; Wang F