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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Interactive Rehabilitation TilesBongers, AJ; Smith, S; Donker, V; Pickrell, M; Bakker, S; Loke, L; De Luca, A
2014Intimate Aesthetics and Facilitated InteractionLoke, L; Khut, GP; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
1-Dec-2008Inventing and devising movement in the design of movement-based interactive systemsLoke, L; Robertson, T
Jan-2005labanotation for design of movement-based interactionLoke, L; Larssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Pisan, Y
1-Dec-2011The lived body in design: Mapping the terrainLoke, L; Robertson, T
Jan-2007Making Strange with the Falling Body in Interactive Technology DesignLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Feijs, L; Kyffin, S; Young, B
Jan-2005Mechanics and meaning: methodological considerations when studying movement in HCILarssen, AT; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Larssen, A; Robertson, A; Brereton, M; Loke, L; Edwards, J
2009Moving and making strange : a design methodology for movement-based interactive technologiesLoke, L
1-Mar-2013Moving and Making Strange: An Embodied Approach to Movement-Based Interaction DesignLoke, L; Robertson, T
Jan-2005Moving bodies, social selves: movement-orientated personas and scenariosLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Bentley, T; Balbo, S
Jan-2005Moving bodies, social selves: Movement-oriented personas and scenariosLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Mansfield, T; Donaldson, A
Jan-2013Re-sensitising the body: interactive art and the Feldenkrais methodLoke, L; Khut, PG; Slattery, M; Truman, C; Muller, E; Duckworth, J
1-Jan-2014The Slow Floor: Increasing creative agency while walking on an interactive surfaceFeltham, F; Loke, L; Van Den Hoven, E; Hannam, J; Bongers, B
Aug-2010Studies of Dancers: Moving from Experience to Interaction DesignLoke, L; Robertson, T
2011Surging Verticality: An Experience of BalanceLoke, L; Khut, GP; ACM
10-Apr-2009Towards an understanding of collaboration in teaching technology subjects in an amalgamated faculty of engineering and information technologyLawrence, E; Loke, L; Raban, R; Brookes, W; Aubrey, T
Jan-2004Understanding Movement as Input for Interaction-a study of Two EyeToy(tm) GamesLarssen, AT; Loke, L; Robertson, TJ; Edwards, J; Hyland, P; Vrazalie, L
Dec-2007Understanding movement for interaction design: frameworks and approachesLoke, L; Larssen, AT; Robertson, T; Edwards, J
28-Jun-2018You are off the beat! Is accelerometer data enough for measuring dance rhythm?Dias Pereira Dos Santos, A; Tang, LM; Loke, L; Martinez-Maldonado, R
23-Oct-2018Your move sounds so predictable!Loke, L; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Packham, K