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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014ELearning and eMaking in product design educationLoy, J
24-Feb-2014eLearning and eMaking: 3D Printing Blurring the Digital and the PhysicalLoy, J
18-Jun-2018Future care: rethinking technology enhanced aged care environmentsLoy, J; Haskell, N
Jan-2015The future for design education: preparing the design workforce for additive manufacturingLoy, J
2019The Future of Product Design Education Industry 4.0Loy, J; Novak, J; Raman, A; Rathakrishnan, M
1-Jan-2015Industrial design digital technologyLoy, J; Canning, S; Little, C; Littlefair, G; Gibson, I; Usma, C; Collins, P; Hilditch, T
19-Nov-2018A Pilot Study for Utilizing Additive Manufacturing and Responsive Rewards in Physical Activity GamificationNovak, J; Loy, J
1-Dec-2011Preparing product design students for working in the global production environment through practical learningLoy, J
1-Jan-2015Raising our game: Creating new learning experiences with research collaborationsLoy, J; Reay, S; White, D
2017Recoding Product Design Education: Visual Coding for Human Machine InterfacesNovak, J; Loy, J
2013Reconnecting Through Digital MakingLoy, J; Canning, S
2016Redesigning production systemsLoy, J; Tatham, P; Muthu, SS; Savalani, MM
31-Dec-2017Responsive Tangible Rewards in Physical Activity GamificationNovak, JI; Loy, J; Seemann, K; Barron, D
Apr-2013Rethinking pedagogy for iterative design process learning and teachingLoy, J; Canning, S
2011Supporting creative learning for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing through lessons from creative learning for CNC routering and laser cutting technologiesLoy, J
3-Aug-2015Three dimensional printing – a key tool for the humanitarian logistician?Tatham, P; Loy, J; Peretti, U
1-Dec-2013Towards an internationalised product design curriculumLoy, J; Welch, D
1-May-2018Understanding the scope for a product design education discourse on additive manufacturingLoy, J
9-Feb-2017Whose Job is it? 3D Scanning Design for InnovationLittle, C; Loy, J