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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Closed-form solution of time-varying model and its applications for output current harmonics in two-stage PV inverterDu, Y; Lu, DDC; Chu, GML; Xiao, W
22-Nov-2016Comparing effectiveness of hybrid mppt algorithms under partial shading conditionsAl-Soeidat, MR; Cembrano, A; Lu, DDC
2-Oct-2017Comparison of DC/DC converters in DCM for reducing low-frequency input current ripple of single-phase two-stage invertersLu, DDC
15-Dec-2017Comparison study of electric vehicles charging stations with AC and DC buses for bidirectional power flow in smart car parksHe, T; Zhu, J; Lu, DDC; Zheng, L; Aghdam, MM; Zhang, J
1-Jan-2014Control approach to achieve burst mode operation with DC-link voltage protection in single-phase two-stage PV invertersDu, Y; Xiao, W; Hu, Y; Lu, DDC
1-Jun-2015A control method for inverter-based islanded microgrids based on V-I droop characteristicsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC
1-Nov-2015Control of a Single-Switch Two-Input Buck Converter for MPPT of Two PV StringsUrtasun, A; Lu, DDC
12-Oct-2011Current control of grid-connected boost inverter with zero steady-state errorZhao, W; Lu, DDC; Agelidis, VG
1-Jun-2016A Decentralized Control Method for Islanded Microgrids under Unbalanced ConditionsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC
25-Aug-2015A decentralized negative sequence compensation method for islanded mirogridsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC
1-Jan-2014A decentralized power flow control method for islanded microgrids using V-I droopGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC
1-Jan-2013Design of a single-switch DC-DC converter for PV-battery powered pump systemAn, L; Lu, DDC
1-Feb-2015Design of a single-switch DC/DC converter for a PV-battery-powered pump system with PFM+PWM controlAn, L; Lu, DDC
25-Jul-2017Development of multi-mode step down DC/DC converters with fault-tolerant capabilitySoon, JL; Lu, DDC; Qin, L; Sathiakumar, S
1-Dec-2011Digital control of bridgeless buck PFC converter in discontinuous-input- voltage-modeWang, W; Lu, DDC; Chu, GML
1-Dec-2011Digital time-multiplexing control of single-switch dual-output DC/DC converterSun, T; Lu, DDC
1-Nov-2017A distributed control framework for integrated photovoltaic-battery-based islanded microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Shafiee, Q; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM
1-Jan-2016Distributed voltage control and load sharing for inverter-interfaced microdrid with resistive linesGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Shafiee, Q; Guerrero, JM
1-Jan-2014Enhancement of voltage quality in a passive network supplied by a VSC-HVDC transmission under disturbancesTang, X; Lu, DDC
2-Oct-2017Experimental analysis and modeling of temperature dependence of lithium-ion battery direct current resistance for power capability predictionZheng, L; Zhu, J; Wang, G; Lu, DDC; McLean, P; He, T