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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2012Particle swarm optimization for OPF with consideration of FACTS devicesLeung, HC; Lu, DDC
1-May-2012A photovoltaic panel emulator using a buck-boost DC/DC converter and a low cost micro-controllerLu, DDC; Nguyen, QN
1-May-2012Practical application of valley current mode control in a flyback converter with a large duty cycleChu, GML; Lu, DDC; Agelidis, VG
1-Jan-2013Predictive torque and flux control of a four-switch inverter-fed im driveHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC
24-Apr-2017A Preventive Approach for Solving Battery Imbalance Issue by Using a Bidirectional Multiple-Input Cuk Converter Working in DCVMQi, J; Lu, DDC
1-May-2013Quasi-active power factor correction on flyback-based dc/dc converterAthab, HS; Lu, DDC
1-Jun-2016A Simplified Finite-State Predictive Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor DriveHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Rahman, MF
1-Mar-2012A single-switch AC/DC flyback converter using a CCM/DCM quasi-active power factor correction front-endAthab, HS; Lu, DDC; Ramar, K
24-Dec-2012A single-switch single-stage quasi-active PFC converter with bus voltage following peak input voltageAthab, H; Yazdani, A; Wu, B; Lu, DDC
1-Nov-2015A Speed-Sensorless FS-PTC of Induction Motors Using Extended Kalman FiltersHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC
3-Jan-2012SPICE steady state modelling of thermoelectric generators involving the Thomson effectLaird, I; Lu, DDC
9-Sep-2013Steady state reliability of maximum power point tracking algorithms used with a thermoelectric generatorLaird, I; Lu, DDC
1-Dec-2011A study on the harmonic issues at CSIRO MicrogridDu, Y; Lu, DDC; Cornforth, D; James, G
1-Nov-2017Three-port converters with a flexible power flow for integrating pv and energy storage into a DC busCheng, T; Lu, DDC
28-Nov-2011A transformerless single-stage AC/DC converter with low output voltageKi, SK; Lu, DDC
1-May-2015ZCS Bridgeless Boost PFC Rectifier Using Only Two Active SwitchesMuhammad, KSB; Lu, DDC