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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2014A fuzzy reliability assessment of basic events of fault trees through qualitative data processingPurba, JH; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W
1-Jan-2019Fuzzy Rule-Based Domain Adaptation in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous SpacesZuo, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W
23-Aug-2017Fuzzy rule-based transfer learning for label space adaptationZuo, H; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Pedrycz, W
1-Jan-2008Fuzzy set techniques in E-service applicationsLu, J; Ruan, D; Zhang, G
23-Aug-2017Fuzzy time windowing for gradual concept drift adaptationLiu, A; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Jan-2019Fuzzy Transfer Learning Using an Infinite Gaussian Mixture Model and Active LearningZuo, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Liu, F
1-Jan-2014A fuzzy tree matching-based personalised e-learning recommender systemWu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2015A Fuzzy Tree Matching-Based Personalized E-Learning Recommender SystemWu, D; Lu, J; Zhang, G
31-Oct-2013A fuzzy tree similarity based recommendation approach for telecom productsWu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2013A fuzzy tree similarity measure and its application in telecom product recommendationWu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2013A fuzzy tri-level decision making algorithm and its application in supply chainZhang, Z; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Guo, C
7-Nov-2016Fuzzy user-interest drift detection based recommender systemsZhang, Q; Wu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
28-Apr-2008Fuzzy-set decision support for a Belgian long-term sustainable energy strategyLaes, E; Meskens, G; Ruan, D; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Wu, F; D'haeseleer, W; Weiler, R
1-Jan-2017Generating a Risk Profile for Car Insurance Policyholders: A Deep Learning Conceptual ModelSiaminamini, M; Naderpour, M; Lu, J
1-Dec-2007Generation and matching of ontology data for the semantic web in a peer-to-peer frameworkWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2018Goal-Oriented Visual Question Generation via Intermediate RewardsZhang, J; Wu, Q; Shen, C; Zhang, J; Lu, J; van den Hengel, A
8-Sep-2011Government-to-Business personalized e-services using semantic-enhanced recommender systemShambour, Q; Lu, J
1-Apr-2018Granular Fuzzy Regression Domain Adaptation in Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy ModelsZuo, H; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W; Behbood, V; Lu, J
2002Group decision making method with fuzzy preference of decision makersZhang, G; Lu, J; Quaddas, M
Jan-2003A Group Decision Making Method with Fuzzy Weights for Decision Makers, Fuzzy Preferences for Alternatives and Fuzzy Judgements for Selection CriteriaZhang, G; Lu, J; Liu, Y; Chen, G; Ying, G; Cai, K