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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2011Joint sub-classifiers one class classification model for avian influenza outbreak detectionZhang, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2012A judgement method for earthquake early warning informationAn, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Feb-2011A kernel fuzzy c-Means clustering-based fuzzy support vector machine algorithm for classification problems with outliers or noisesYang, X; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Ma, J
1-Jan-2018Kill two birds with one stone: Weakly-supervised neural network for image annotation and tag refinementZhang, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Shen, C; Lu, J
7-Oct-2010A knowledge-based efficiency assessment system for distribution network using data envelopment analysisZhang, T; Lin, H; Liang, L; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2014Knowledge-based life event model for e-government service integration with illustrative examplesAlqahtani, A; Lu, H; Lu, J
16-Nov-2011A knowledge-based multi-role decision support system for ore blending cost optimization of blast furnacesZhang, R; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2005The Kth-best approach for linear bilevel multi-follower programmingShi, C; Zhang, G; Lu, J
15-May-2007The Kth-best approach for linear bilevel multifollower programming with partial shared variables among followersShi, C; Zhou, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Zhang, Z
1-Jan-2007A lambda-cut approximate approach to supporting Fuzzy Goal based Bilevel Decision Making in risk managementGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Zeng, X; Huang, C; Frey, C; Feng, J
Jan-2002Lattice-valued Zp-Pan-integrals I: For lattice-valued Simple Functions on LatticeZhang, G; Wu, Y; Lu, J
Jan-2002Lattice-valued Zp-Pan-integrals II: For lattice-valued Borel functions on LatticeZhang, G; Wu, Y; Lu, J
1-Jul-2017Learning a fuzzy decision tree from uncertain dataYu, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G
13-Dec-2011Leveraging Wikipedia concept and category information to enhance contextual advertisingWu, Z; Xu, G; Pan, R; Zhang, Y; Hu, Z; Lu, J
1-Jan-2010Life-event modelling framework for e-government integrationSanati, F; Lu, J
1-Dec-2010LifeEvent ontology oriented e-government service integrationSanati, F; Lu, J
1-Jan-2014Linear optimal source distribution mapping for binaural sound reproductionZheng, J; Lu, J; Qiu, X
27-Jun-2009A linguistic intelligent user guide for method selection in multi-objective decision support systemsZhang, G; Lu, J
1-Dec-2009A linguistic multi-criteria group decision support system for fabric hand evaluationLu, J; Zhu, Y; Zeng, X; Koehl, L; Ma, J; Zhang, G
27-Sep-2011Long term bank failure prediction using Fuzzy Refinement-based Transductive Transfer learningBehbood, V; Lu, J; Zhang, G