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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2008m-Government: A framework of mobile-based emergency response systemsAmailef, K; Lu, J
1-Dec-2009Maintaining footprint-based retrieval for case deletionLu, N; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2014Manuka-type honeys can eradicate biofilms produced by Staphylococcus aureus strains with different biofilm-forming abilitiesLu, J; Turnbull, L; Burke, CM; Liu, M; Carter, DA; Schlothauer, RC; Whitchurch, CB; Harry, EJ
21-Aug-2018Map-based medical practice behavior analysis: Methodology and a case study on Australia’s medical practicesZhang, Y; Wang, W; Xuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Lin, H
Jan-2001Measuring Costs/Benefits of E-Business Applications & Customer SatisfactionLu, J; Publisher
1-Jun-2016Measuring the semantic uncertainty of news events for evolution potential estimationLuo, X; Xuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jul-2016Member contribution-based group recommender systemWang, W; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Feb-2012A method for multiple periodic factor prediction problems using complex fuzzy setsMa, J; Zhang, G; Lu, J
1-Jan-2016Metricrec: Metric learning for cold-start recommendationsPeng, F; Lu, X; Lu, J; Xu, RYD; Luo, C; Ma, C; Yang, J
1-Jan-2005Mining key information of web pagesWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, GQ; Blair, S; Chakraborty, U; Chen, SH; Cheng, HD; Chiu, DKY; Das, S; Denker, G; Duro, R; Romay, MG; Hung, D; Kerre, EE; VaLeong, H; Lu, CT; Lu, J; Maguire, L; Ngo, CW; Sarfraz, M; Tseng, C; Tsumoto, S; Ventura, D; Wang, PP; Yao, X; Zhang, CN; Zhang, K
1-Aug-2007Mining key information of web pages: A method and its applicationWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2013Mining websites preferences on web events in big data environmentXuan, J; Luo, X; Lu, J
16-Sep-2017Mixed Similarity Diffusion for Recommendation on Bipartite NetworksWang, X; Liu, Y; Zhang, G; Zhang, Y; Chen, H; Lu, J
1-Jul-2011A mobile-based emergency response system for intelligent m-government servicesAmailef, K; Lu, J
1-Dec-2012Mobile-Based Emergency Response System Using Ontology-Supported Information ExtractionAmailef, K; Lu, J
1-Jan-2014Model and algorithm for multi-follower tri-level hierarchical decision-makingHan, J; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Hu, Y; Ma, S
19-Feb-2007Model and approach of fuzzy bilevel decision making for logistics planning problemZhang, G; Lu, J
1-Aug-2007Model and extended Kuhn-Tucker approach for bilevel multi-follower decision making in a referential-uncooperative situationLu, J; Shi, C; Zhang, G; Dillon, T
1-Sep-2003A model for evaluating E-commerce based on cost/benefit and customer satisfactionLu, J
15-Feb-2010Model, solution concept, and Kth-best algorithm for linear trilevel programmingZhang, G; Lu, J; Montero, J; Zeng, Y