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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Massaging the Media: Australia Day and the Emergence of Public RelationsCrawford, R; Macnamara, J
Jan-2006Media and Male IdentityMacnamara, J
Jan-2005Media Content Analysis: Its Uses, Benefits and Best Practice MethodologyMacnamara, J
Jan-2014Organisational listening: A vital missing element in public communication and the public sphereMacnamara, J
3-Jul-2016Organizational listening: Addressing a major gap in public relations theory and practiceMacnamara, J
Jan-2012An 'outside-in' PR history: Identifying the role of PR in history, culture and sociologyCrawford, R; Macnamara, J
Jan-2011Pre and post-election 2010 online: What happened to the conversation?Macnamara, J
Jan-2010Public communication practices in the Web 2.0-3.0 mediascape: The case for PRevolutionMacnamara, J
Jan-2014Public RelationsMacnamara, J; Crawford, R; Bridget Griffen-Foley
Jan-2010Public relations and the social: How practitioners are using, or abusing, social mediaMacnamara, J
Jan-2009Public relations in the interactive age: New practices, not just new mediaMacnamara, J
Jan-2013Public relations literature and scholarship in Australia: A brief history of change and diversificationJohnston, J; Macnamara, J
Jan-2010The quadrivium of online public consultation: Policy, culture, resources, technologyMacnamara, J
Jan-2010Reconceptualising public relations in Australia: A historical and social re-analysisMacnamara, J; Crawford, R
Jan-2010Remodelling media: The urgent search for new media business modelsMacnamara, J
Jan-2012Social media communication in organisations: The challenges of balancing openness, strategy and managementMacnamara, J; Zerfass, A
1-Sep-2017“Stoner Sloth”: Lessons from Evaluation of Social Media and ViralityMacnamara, J; Kenning, G; VanSlyke Turk, J; Valin, J