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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2017Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2017/18: Strategic Challenges, Social Media and Professional Competencies – Results of a Survey in 22 CountriesMacnamara, JR; Lwin, MO; Adi, A; Zerfass, A
1-Aug-2014Being social: Missing pre-requisites for online engagement, exchange and inclusionMacnamara, JR; Bossio, D
2017Best practice measurement is about listening, learning, and adapting – not just changing othersMacnamara, JR; Juholin, E; Luoma-aho, V
3-Dec-2017Beyond a “spectator sport”: Social media for university engagement and community buildingHou, J; Macnamara, JR
2-Jul-2018Competence, competencies and/or capabilities for public communication? A public sector studyMacnamara, JR
3-Sep-2018Content AnalysisMacnamara, JR
1-Mar-2017Creating a Democracy for Everyone: Strategies for Increasing Listening and Engagement by GovernmentMacnamara, JR
1-Jul-2004The crucial role of research in multicultural and cross-cultural communicationMacnamara, JR
1-May-2017Digital and social media communicationMacnamara, JR; Tench, R; Yeomans, L
2017Effective CALD community health communication through research and collaboration: An exemplar case studyMacnamara, JR; Camit, M
1-Aug-2014The ethics of 'embedded' media content: Product placement and 'advertorial' on steroidsMacnamara, JR; Dessaix, A; Bossio, D
2018Evaluating Public Communication: Exploring New Models, Standards, and Best PracticeMacnamara, JR
5-Sep-2017Evaluation stasis continues in PR and corporate communication: Asia Pacific insights into causesMacnamara, JR; Zerfass, A
2-Oct-2017Falling on deaf ears: The lack of listening that denies access and makes voice valuelessMacnamara, JR
27-Jul-2015The Hazelwood coal mine fire: Lessons from crisis miscommunication and misunderstandingMacnamara, JR
23-Dec-2016Illuminating and addressing two ‘black holes’ in public communicationMacnamara, JR
1-Jun-2018Impact assessmentMacnamara, JR; Heath, R; Johansen, W
1-Jun-2018PR and Communication Management in Asia-Pacific: Trends, Growth and GapsMacnamara, JR; Zerfass, A; Lwin, M; Adi, A
26-Feb-2018Public relations and post-communication: Addressing a paradox in public communicationMacnamara, JR
1-Jul-2016Review of J. Fawkes, Public Relations Ethics and Professionalism: The Shadow of ExcellenceMacnamara, JR