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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015Differences in Common Genetic Predisposition to Ischemic Stroke by Age and SexTraylor, M; Rutten-Jacobs, LCA; Holliday, EG; Malik, R; Sudlow, C; Rothwell, PM; Maguire, JM; Koblar, SA; Bevan, S; Boncoraglio, G; Dichgans, M; Levi, C; Lewis, CM; Markus, HS
1-Oct-2011Dyspnea review for the palliative care professional: Assessment, burdens, and etiologiesKamal, AH; Maguire, JM; Wheeler, JL; Currow, DC; Abernethy, AP
1-Jan-2012Dyspnea review for the palliative care professional: Treatment goals and therapeutic optionsKamal, AH; Maguire, JM; Wheeler, JL; Currow, DC; Abernethy, AP
Oct-2016Exploring to Bangkok Chaay Rak Chaay (Gay Men) Accessing Health Services in ThailandPongtriang, P; O'Brien, AP; Maguire, JM
1-Feb-2019Genetic Imbalance Is Associated With Functional Outcome After Ischemic StrokePfeiffer, D; Chen, B; Schlicht, K; Ginsbach, P; Abboud, S; Bersano, A; Bevan, S; Brandt, T; Caso, V; Debette, S; Erhart, P; Freitag-Wolf, S; Giacalone, G; Grau, AJ; Hayani, E; Jern, C; Jiménez-Conde, J; Kloss, M; Krawczak, M; Lee, JM; Lemmens, R; Leys, D; Lichy, C; Maguire, JM; Martin, JJ; Metso, AJ; Metso, TM; Mitchell, BD; Pezzini, A; Rosand, J; Rost, NS; Stenman, M; Tatlisumak, T; Thijs, V; Touzé, E; Traenka, C; Werner, I; Woo, D; Del Zotto, E; Engelter, ST; Kittner, SJ; Cole, JW; Grond-Ginsbach, C; Lyrer, PA; Lindgren, A
1-Mar-2015Genetic overlap between diagnostic subtypes of ischemic strokeHolliday, EG; Traylor, M; Malik, R; Bevan, S; Falcone, G; Hopewell, JC; Cheng, YC; Cotlarciuc, I; Bis, JC; Boerwinkle, E; Boncoraglio, GB; Clarke, R; Cole, JW; Fornage, M; Furie, KL; Ikram, MA; Jannes, J; Kittner, SJ; Lincz, LF; Maguire, JM; Meschia, JF; Mosley, TH; Nalls, MA; Oldmeadow, C; Parati, EA; Psaty, BM; Rothwell, PM; Seshadri, S; Scott, RJ; Sharma, P; Sudlow, C; Wiggins, KL; Worrall, BB; Rosand, J; Mitchell, BD; Dichgans, M; Markus, HS; Levi, C; Attia, J; Wray, NR
1-Aug-2019Genetically Determined Risk of Depression and Functional Outcome After Ischemic StrokeGill, D; James, NE; Monori, G; Lorentzen, E; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Lemmens, R; Thijs, V; Rost, NS; Scott, R; Hankey, GJ; Lindgren, A; Jern, C; Maguire, JM
1-Oct-2013Genome-wide analysis of blood pressure variability and ischemic strokeYadav, S; Cotlarciuc, I; Munroe, PB; Khan, MS; Nalls, MA; Bevan, S; Cheng, YC; Chen, WM; Malik, R; Mccarthy, NS; Holliday, EG; Speed, D; Hasan, N; Pucek, M; Rinne, PE; Sever, P; Stanton, A; Shields, DC; Maguire, JM; Mcevoy, M; Scott, RJ; Ferrucci, L; Macleod, MJ; Attia, J; Markus, HS; Sale, MM; Worrall, BB; Mitchell, BD; Dichgans, M; Sudlow, C; Meschia, JF; Rothwell, PM; Caulfield, M; Sharma, P
19-Mar-2019Genome-wide association meta-analysis of functional outcome after ischemic strokeSöderholm, M; Pedersen, A; Lorentzen, E; Stanne, TM; Bevan, S; Olsson, M; Cole, JW; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Hankey, GJ; Jimenez-Conde, J; Jood, K; Lee, JM; Lemmens, R; Levi, C; Mitchell, BD; Norrving, B; Rannikmäe, K; Rost, NS; Rosand, J; Rothwell, PM; Scott, R; Strbian, D; Sturm, JW; Sudlow, C; Traylor, M; Thijs, V; Tatlisumak, T; Woo, D; Worrall, BB; Maguire, JM; Lindgren, A; Jern, C
1-Sep-2017GISCOME – Genetics of Ischaemic Stroke Functional Outcome network: A protocol for an international multicentre genetic association studyMaguire, JM; Bevan, S; Stanne, TM; Lorenzen, E; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Hankey, GJ; Jimenez-Conde, J; Jood, K; Lee, JM; Lemmens, R; Levi, C; Norrving, B; Rannikmae, K; Rost, N; Rosand, J; Rothwell, PM; Scott, R; Strbian, D; Sturm, J; Sudlow, C; Traylor, M; Thijs, V; Tatlisumak, T; Wieloch, T; Woo, D; Worrall, BB; Jern, C; Lindgren, A
1-Nov-2015Heritability of young- and old-onset ischaemic strokeBluher, A; Devan, WJ; Holliday, EG; Nalls, M; Parolo, S; Bione, S; Giese, AK; Boncoraglio, GB; Maguire, JM; Müller-Nurasyid, M; Gieger, C; Meschia, JF; Rosand, J; Rolfs, A; Kittner, SJ; Mitchell, BD; O'Connell, JR; Cheng, YC
Feb-2016Loci associated with ischaemic stroke and its subtypes (SiGN): A genome-wide association study.Maguire, JM
1-Jan-2014A Novel MMP12 Locus Is Associated with Large Artery Atherosclerotic Stroke Using a Genome-Wide Age-at-Onset Informed ApproachTraylor, M; Mäkelä, KM; Kilarski, LL; Holliday, EG; Devan, WJ; Nalls, MA; Wiggins, KL; Zhao, W; Cheng, YC; Achterberg, S; Malik, R; Sudlow, C; Bevan, S; Raitoharju, E; Oksala, N; Thijs, V; Lemmens, R; Lindgren, A; Slowik, A; Maguire, JM; Walters, M; Algra, A; Sharma, P; Attia, JR; Boncoraglio, GB; Rothwell, PM; de Bakker, PIW; Bis, JC; Saleheen, D; Kittner, SJ; Mitchell, BD; Rosand, J; Meschia, JF; Levi, C; Dichgans, M; Lehtimäki, T; Lewis, CM; Markus, HS
2016Perception of sexuality and HIV infection: A Qualitative Study among Bangkok Chaay Rak Chaay (Gay men)Maguire, JM; Pongtriang, P; O'Brien, AP
1-Dec-2012Should Bisphosphonates Be Used Routinely to Manage Pain and Skeletal Complications in Other Conditions?Maguire, JM; Kamal, A; Currow, DC; Abernethy, AP