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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2019MAPlex - A massively parallel sequencing ancestry analysis multiplex for Asia-Pacific populationsPhillips, C; McNevin, D; Kidd, KK; Lagacé, R; Wootton, S; de la Puente, M; Freire-Aradas, A; Mosquera-Miguel, A; Eduardoff, M; Gross, T; Dagostino, L; Power, D; Olson, S; Hashiyada, M; Oz, C; Parson, W; Schneider, PM; Lareu, MV; Daniel, R
1-Mar-2018Massively parallel sequencing and the emergence of forensic genomics: Defining the policy and legal issues for law enforcementScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
1-Nov-2019Performance of ancestry-informative SNP and microhaplotype markersCheung, EYY; Phillips, C; Eduardoff, M; Lareu, MV; McNevin, D
3-Apr-2019Policy and regulatory implications of the new frontier of forensic genomics: direct-to-consumer genetic data and genealogy recordsScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Funk, C; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
1-Jul-2017Prediction of biogeographical ancestry from genotype: a comparison of classifiersCheung, EYY; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
2-Nov-2018Predictive DNA analysis for biogeographical ancestryCheung, EYY; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
1-May-2019The QIAGEN 140-locus single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel for forensic identification using massively parallel sequencing (MPS): an evaluation and a direct-to-PCR trialAvent, I; Kinnane, AG; Jones, N; Petermann, I; Daniel, R; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
1-May-2019Response to: Biedermann &amp; Hicks (2019), Commentary on “Dennis McNevin, Bayesian interpretation of discrete class characteristics, Forensic Science International, 292 (2018)125–130”McNevin, D
1-Mar-2018Singleplex quantitative real-time PCR for the assessment of human mitochondrial DNA quantity and qualityGoodwin, C; Higgins, D; Tobe, SS; Austin, J; Wotherspoon, A; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
2-Jan-2019Species identification using high resolution melting (HRM) analysis with random forest classificationBowman, S; McNevin, D; Venables, SJ; Roffey, P; Richardson, A; Gahan, ME
23-Feb-2000Strategies for dealing with piggery effluent in Australia: The sequencing batch reactor as a solutionEdgerton, BD; McNevin, D; Wong, CH; Menoud, P; Barford, JP; Mitchell, CA
3-Jul-2015Toning Japanese tissue papers: An international survey of paper conservation practitionersSoleymani, S; Ireland, T; McNevin, D