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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-04Community engagement in Australian local governments: a closer look and strategic implicationsChristensen, HE; McQuestin, D
2022-12-09Did amalgamation make local government more fit for the future?Drew, J; McQuestin, D; Dollery, B
2020-10-30Do amalgamations make a difference? What we can learn from evaluating the policy success of a large scale forced amalgamation of local government.Drew, J; McQuestin, D; Miyazaki, M
2018-09-01Do Municipal Mergers Improve Technical Efficiency? An Empirical Analysis of the 2008 Queensland Municipal Merger ProgramMcQuestin, D; Drew, J; Dollery, B
2019-03-01Good to share? The pecuniary implications of moving to shared service production for local government servicesDrew, J; McQuestin, D; Dollery, BE
2019-06-01Is a problem shared a problem halved? Shared services and municipal efficiencyMcQuestin, D; Drew, J
2017-12-01No panacea: Rate-capping in South Australian local governmentDollery, B; McQuestin, D
2018-10-16The Price of Populism: Directly Elected Mayors and Expenditure in Local GovernmentDrew, J; McQuestin, D
2018-10-01The price of populism: The association between directly elected mayors and unit expenditure in local governmentMcQuestin, D; Drew, J
2020-11-29The Association between Budget Inaccuracy and Technical Efficiency in Australian Local GovernmentDrew, J; McQuestin, D; noguchi, M
2023-01-01The temporal dependence of public policy evaluation: the case of local government amalgamationMcQuestin, D; Drew, J; Iiboshi, H
2020-12Worth the wait: The impact of government funding on hospital emergency waiting times.McQuestin, D; Noguchi, M