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1-Apr-2018How are complementary health professions regulated in Australia? An examination of complementary health professions in the national registration and accreditation schemeSibbritt, D; Kaye, M; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Wardle, J; Karpin, I
1-Jan-2014Identity disclosure and information sharing in donor conception regimes: The unfulfilled potential of voluntary registersMillbank, J
Jan-2002Imagining Otherness: Refugee Claims on the Basis of Sexuality in Canada and AustraliaMillbank, J
22-Mar-2012It's about This: Lesbians, Prison, DesireMillbank, J
1-Jun-2004It's about this: Lesbians, prison, desireMillbank, J
1-Jan-2017Learning from cross-border reproductionJackson, E; Millbank, J; Karpin, I; Stuhmcke, A
1-Aug-2008The limits of functional family: Lesbian mother litigation in the era of the eternal biological familyMillbank, J
1-Dec-2011The new surrogacy parentage laws in Australia: Cautious regulation or '25 brick walls'?Millbank, J
1-Jan-2014Numerical limits in donor conception regimes: Genetic links and 'extended family' in the era of identity disclosureMillbank, J
1-Mar-2005A preoccupation with perversion: The British response to refugee claims on the basis of sexual orientation, 1989-2003Millbank, J
Jan-2006The Recognition of Lesbian and Gay Families in Australian Law: Part 1 CouplesMillbank, J
Jan-2006The Recognition of Lesbian and Gay Families in Australian Law: Part 2 ChildrenMillbank, J
1-Apr-2017Reflecting the 'human nature' of IVF embryos: Disappearing women in ethics, law, and fertility practiceMillbank, J
Apr-2017Reflecting the 'human nature' of IVF embryos: disappearing women in ethics, law, and fertility practice.Millbank, J
2017Reflecting the ‘Human Nature’ of IVF Embryos: Disappearing Women in Ethics, Law, and Fertility PracticeMillbank, J
1-Jan-2014Regulation of assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy in AustraliaKarpin, I; Millbank, J
Jan-2004Relationship Debt and Guarantees: Best Practice v Real PracticeMillbank, J; Lovric, J
Jan-2010Reproductive Outsiders - The Perils and Disruptive Potential of Reproductive CoalitionsMillbank, J; Brooks, K; Leckey, R
Jan-2013Resolving the Dilemma of Legal Parentage for Australians Engaged in International SurrogacyMillbank, J
1-Jan-2015Responsive regulation of cross-border assisted reproductionMillbank, J