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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2017Sharp bend in two-dimensional optical waveguide based on gradient refractive index structureCao, Y; Mittra, R; Liu, Z; Zheng, J
1-Dec-2017Single-Layer Dual-/Tri-Band Inverted-F Antennas for Conformal Capsule Type of ApplicationsBao, Z; Guo, YX; Mittra, R
17-Jan-2017Solution of electrically large scattering problems using the characteristic basis function methodLi, C; Mittra, R
15-May-2017Some challenging issues in characteristic mode analysis of real world problems and suggested solutionsMittra, R
15-May-2017Statistical analysis of electromagnetic structures and antennas using the polynomial chaos expansion methodAcikgoz, H; Mittra, R
18-Oct-2017Statistical investigation of a dual-band wearable patch antennaAcikgoz, H; Mittra, R
1-Apr-2018Stochastic Polynomial Chaos Expansion Analysis of a Split-Ring Resonator at Terahertz FrequenciesAcikgoz, H; Mittra, R
18-Oct-2017Study of antenna systems located on complex platforms by using characteristic mode analysis and related techniquesMittra, R; Kumar, A
1-Oct-2017An Ultrawideband Conformal Capsule Antenna With Stable Impedance MatchingBao, Z; Guo, YX; Mittra, R
18-Oct-2017Wide-Band Circularly Polarized Antenna using Partially Transmitting SurfaceKumar, A; Mittra, R
19-Dec-2017Wideband circularly polarized antenna and low-cost phase-shifters using partially transmitting surfaceKumar, A; Mittra, R
15-May-2017A wideband dipole antenna based on a non-uniformly segmented structureSun, H; Ding, C; Guo, YJ; Mittra, R
31-May-2016A wideband polarization reconfigurable antenna for WLAN applicationsJi, LY; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ; Fu, G; Mittra, R