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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2002Gain and bandwidth enhancement of a 2.4GHz singly-fed cross-aperture coupled patch antennaChung, KL; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2005A hybrid boundary condition for robust particle swarm optimizationHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2003A hybrid indoor MIMO channel model using signal clusters for wireless communicationMohan, AS; Tang, Z
11-Jul-2005Impact of clustering in indoor MIMO propagation using a hybrid channel modelTang, Z; Mohan, AS
28-Sep-2004Indoor directional channel modelling for future wireless communicationsTang, Z; Mohan, AS
1-Sep-2003An investigation into antenna arrays composed of broadband circularly polarised EMCP elements at X-bandChung, KL; Mohan, AS
1-Oct-2006An investigation of MIMO performance in the indoor ricean environmentTang, Z; Mohan, AS
28-Aug-2007Localization of 3-D near-field electromagnetic sources using C-SPRITAbedin, MJ; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2006Localization of electromagnetic radiating sources in the near-field of a uniform circular arrayAbedin, MJ; Mohan, AS
13-Nov-2008Localization of near-field radiating sources with an arbitrary antenna arrayAbedin, MJ; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2011Locally-one-dimensional FDTD for em scattering from two-dimensional structuresRana, MM; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2011Maximum likelihood method for near-field parameter estimation using V-shaped antenna arraysAbedin, MJ; Mohan, AS
15-Oct-2006Micro-particle swarm optimizer for solving high dimensional optimization problems (╬╝PSO for high dimensional optimization problems)Huang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Jan-1994A microwave applicator using a rectangular waveguide with two symmetrically placed double L septa for processing sheet materialsZhang, HZ; Mohan, AS; Beard, GE; Belcher, WR
1-Aug-2001Microwave filters with improved spurious performance based on sandwiched conductor dielectric resonatorsWeily, AR; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2012Microwave imaging for breast cancer detection using Vivaldi antenna arrayYang, F; Mohan, AS
29-Sep-2004Microwave imaging of perfect electrically conducting cylinder by micro-genetic algorithmHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Jan-2005Microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objectsHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2004Microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objects using micro-genetic algorithmHuang, T; Mohan, AS
2-Dec-2013Miniaturized E-shaped PIFA antenna for wideband implantable biomedical applicationsGozasht, F; Hossain, MD; Mohan, AS