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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2012Interfacial reactions in white iron/steel compositesLucey, T; Wuhrer, R; Moran, K; Reid, M; Huggett, P; Cortie, M
1-Aug-2008Multi-detector x-ray mapping and generation of correction factor images for problem solvingWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR
5-Sep-2005A novel metallurgical bonding process and microstructural analysis of ferrous alloy compositesHuggett, PG; Wuhrer, R; Ben-Nissan, B; Moran, K
1-Sep-2006Quantitative bulk and trace element X-ray mapping using multiple detectorsMoran, K; Wuhrer, R
Jan-2006Sample preparation of a novel titanium-aluminium composite for EBSD analysisAttard, D; Wuhrer, R; Huggett, PG; Moran, K; Kotula, P; Scott, M; Gauvin, JH; Beniac, R; Lucas, D; McKernan, G; Shields, J
14-May-2012Solidification phenomena during casting of stainless steel/cast iron compositesLucey, T; Wuhrer, R; Huggett, P; Moran, K; Yeung, W; Cortie, M
Jan-2007Spectral Imaging and X-Ray Microanalysis with Multiple DetectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K
1-Jan-2009Term breech singletons and caesarean section: A population study, Australia 1991-2005: Original ArticleSullivan, EA; Moran, K; Chapman, M
1-Sep-2006X-ray mapping and interpretation of scatter diagramsMoran, K; Wuhrer, R
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping and post processingWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR
1-Oct-2010X-ray mapping and scatter diagram analysis of the discoloring products resulting from the interaction of artist's pigmentsWhite, R; Thomas, P; Phillips, MR; Moran, K; Wuhrer, R
1-Dec-2006X-ray mapping of metallic elements in roll bonded metal laminatesWuhrer, R; Lee, M; Moran, K; Yeung, WY
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping using a multiple-EDS (DUAL) detectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR; Davey, P
Jan-2005X-ray Mapping using Multiple EDS and WDS DetectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, M; Davey, P; al, RPE