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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2015The residualisation of public housing and its impact on older tenants in inner-city Sydney, AustraliaMorris, A
2018The residualisation of social housing in Australia and its impacts on older tenantsMorris, A; Ní Shé, E; Burton, LJ; Danaher, P
Apr-2006Second wave gentrification in inner-city SydneyBounds, M; Morris, A
1-Jan-2006Second wave gentrification in inner-city SydneyBounds, M; Morris, A
Jan-2002The Social Costs of UnemploymentMorris, A
Jan-2012Social Housing and Social ProblemsMorris, A; Susan Smith
Jan-2010The social worlds of older public and private rentersMorris, A; Velayutham, S; Ebert, N; Watkins, S
1-Jan-2014Struggling on the Newstart unemployment benefit in Australia: The experience of a neoliberal form of employment assistanceMorris, A; Wilson, S
1-Jan-2013The trajectory towards marginality: How do older Australians find themselves dependent on the private rental market?Morris, A
1-Jan-2009Understanding what motivates households to become and remain investors in the private rental marketSeelig, T; Thompson, A; Burke, T; Pinnegar, S; McNelis, S; Morris, A
1-Jan-2009Urban justice and sustainability: Comparing the situation of older renters in public housing with that of older renters in private rented accommodation in SydneyMorris, A
Jan-2010Victims of a Flawed Housing Policy: Older Private Renters Battling to Survive in SydneyMorris, A
Jul-2016The Wellbeing of International Students in the City of SydneyRyan, R; Dowler, B; Bruce, S; Gamage, S; Morris, A