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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A qualitative exploration of the content and face validity of preference-based measures within the context of dementiaEngel L; Bucholc J; Mihalopoulos C; Mulhern B; Ratcliffe J; Yates M; Hanna L
2020Assessing health-related quality of life in cancer survivors: Factors impacting on EORTC QLU-C10D derived utility valuesVan Gelder T; Mulhern B; Schoormans D; Husson O; De Abreu Lourenco R
2020Developing a new version of the SF-6D health state classification system from the SF-36v2: SF-6Dv2Brazier J; Mulhern B; Bjorner JB; Gandek B; Rowen D; Alonso J; Vilagut G; Ware J
2020-01-19Does facility type and location impact upon patient experiences in emergency departments? Secondary analysis of a state-wide, cross-sectional surveyBull C; Crilly J; Chaboyer W; Spain D; Mulhern B; Fitzgerald G; Scuffham P; Byrnes J
2020Health-related Quality of Life and Upper Limb Impairment in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Comparing and Mapping CPQoL-Child and CHU9DTonmukayakul U; Imms C; Mihalopoulos C; Reddihough D; Carter R; Mulhern B; Chen G
2020How Are Debriefing Questions Used in Health Discrete Choice Experiments? An Online SurveyPearce A; Mulhern B; Watson V; Viney R
2020Implausible States: Prevalence of EQ-5D-5L States in the General Population and Its Effect on Health State ValuationMarten O; Mulhern B; Bansback N; Tsuchiya A
2020SF-6D health state utilities for lifestyle, socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of a large international cohort of people with multiple sclerosisCampbell JA; Jelinek GA; Weiland TJ; Nag N; Neate SL; Palmer AJ; Mulhern B; De Livera A; Simpson S
2020-10-21Valuation study for a preference-based quality of life measure for dental caries (Dental Caries Utility Index - DCUI) among Australian adolescents - study protocol.Hettiarachchi R; Kularatna S; Byrnes J; Mulhern B; Chen G; Scuffham PA
2020Valuing SF-6Dv2 in the United Kingdom using a discrete choice experiment with durationMulhern B; Bansback N; Norman R; Brazier J
2020-08Valuing the AD-5D Dementia Utility Instrument: An Estimation of a General Population Tariff.Comans TA; Nguyen K-H; Ratcliffe J; Rowen D; Mulhern B
2020-11-17What Matters 2 Adults: a study protocol to develop a new preference-based wellbeing measure with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults (WM2Adults).Howard K; Anderson K; Cunningham J; Cass A; Ratcliffe J; Whop LJ; Dickson M; Viney R; Mulhern B; Tong A; Garvey G