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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2015Neural Network Decoupling technique and its application to a powered wheelchair systemNguyen, T; Nguyen, H; Patton, J
2012Non-invasive nocturnal hypoglycemia detection for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus using genetic fuzzy logic methodLing, S; San, PP; Nguyen, H; Leung, F
Mar-2015Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for the Identification of EMG finger movements: Evaluation using matrix analysis.Naik, G; Nguyen, H
2014A novel tamper detection-recovery and watermarking system for medical image authentication and EPR hidingTareef, A; Al-Ani, A; Nguyen, H; Chung, YY
Jan-2013Optimization of Hierarchical Modulation for Decode-and-Forward Wireless Relay NetworksPham, TT; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD
27-Jan-2014Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection in Mammogram Mass ClassificationWong, M; He, X; Nguyen, H; Yeh, W; Bob Zhang
2014Predicting Heart Beats using Co-occurring Constrained Sequential PatternsGhosh, S; Feng, M; Nguyen, H; Li, J; Murray, A
13-Oct-2016Predicting short-term ICU outcomes using a sequential contrast motif based classification frameworkGhosh, S; Nguyen, H; Li, J
4-May-2014Providing Adaptive Health Updates Across the Personal Social NetworkMoncur, W; Masthoff, J; Reiter, E; Freer, Y; Nguyen, H
4-Jan-2016Quality and robustness improvement for real world industrial systems using a fuzzy particle swarm optimizationLing, SH; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF; Jiang, F; Nguyen, H
Jan-2013Relay Beamforming Designs In Multi-user Wireless Relay Networks Based On Throughput Maximin OptimizationRashid, U; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD
2014Risk Prediction for Acute Hypotensive Patients by using Gap Constrained Sequential Contrast PatternsGhosh, S; Feng, M; Nguyen, H; Li, J
16-Dec-2015Robust Output-feedback Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Utilizing Disturbance ObserverArgha, A; Li, L; Su, S; Nguyen, H
Jan-2014Rule discovery and distance separation to detect reliable miRNA biomarkers for the diagnosis of lung squamous cell carcinoma.Song, R; Liu, Q; Hutvagner, G; Nguyen, H; Ramamohanarao, K; Wong, L; Li, J
2016Single-Channel EMG Classification With Ensemble-Empirical-Mode-Decomposition-Based ICA for Diagnosing Neuromuscular Disorders.Naik, G; Selvan, S; Nguyen, H
Jan-2013Sustainability assessment of sanitation options in Vietnam: Planning with the future in mindWilletts, JR; Paddon, M; Nguyen, DGN; Nguyen, H; Carrard, NR
19-Jun-2017"That was a good shift".Johnson, A; Nguyen, H; Parker, SK; Groth, M; Coote, S; Perry, L; Way, B
Jan-2012Training signal designs for spatially correlated multi-user multi-input multi-output with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systemsTran, N; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD; Dodds, D
Jan-2012Vitamin D Deficiency In Northern Vietnam: Prevalence, Risk Factors And Associations With Bone Mineral DensityNguyen, H; Von Schoultz, B; Nguyen, T; Dzung, D; Duc, P; Thuy, V; Hirschberg, A