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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2017Pilot Optimization for Estimation of High-Mobility OFDM ChannelsSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH; Fang, Y
7-Sep-2009Power allocation and error performance of distributed unitary space-time modulation in wireless relay networksNguyen, DHN; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
1-Nov-2010Power allocation in MMSE relaying over frequency-selective rayleigh fading channelsPham, TT; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
1-Feb-2010Power allocation in orthogonal wireless relay networks with partial channel state informationPham, TT; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
1-Jun-2017Precoding design for Han-Kobayashi's signal splitting in MIMO interference networksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Ngo, DT; Nguyen, HH
26-Jun-2012Relay assignment for max-min capacity in cooperative wireless networksPham, TT; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD
13-Mar-2013Relay beamforming designs in multi-user wireless relay networks based on throughput maximin optimizationRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
23-Oct-2012Relay selection in multi-user amplify-forward wireless relay networksChe, E; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
18-Aug-2011Semi-definite programming for distributed tracking of dynamic objects by nonlinear sensor networkRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Kha, HH; Nguyen, HH
1-Jun-2015Successive interference mitigation in multiuser MIMO channelsChe, E; Tuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH
1-Dec-2008Superimposed training designs for spatially correlated MIMO-OFDM systemsTran, NN; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
1-Nov-2017Superposition Signaling in Broadcast Interference NetworksTuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
7-Oct-2014Sustainability considerations for ground improvement techniques using controlled modulus columnsNguyen, HH; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Vincent, P; Marix-Evans, M; Khabbaz, H; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
23-Jul-2012Training designs for amplify-and-forward relaying with spatially correlated antennasTran, NN; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD; Dodds, DE
5-Dec-2008Training signal and precoder designs for OFDM under colored noiseTran, NN; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
1-Jan-2012Training signal designs for spatially correlated multiuser multi-input multi-output with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systemsTran, NN; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD; Dodds, DE
1-Apr-2019Wireless information and power transfer for IoT applications in overlay cognitive radio networksGurjar, DS; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD