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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-09A Comparative Study on Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms for Next Release ProblemRahimi, I; Gandomi, AH; Nikoo, MR; Chen, F
2022-10-01A Multi-criteria Decision-making Optimization Model for Flood Management in ReservoirsNematollahi, B; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH; Talebbeydokhti, N; Rakhshandehroo, GR
2022-03-01A Stochastic Conflict Resolution Optimization Model for Flood Management in Detention Basins: Application of Fuzzy Graph ModelNematollahi, B; Bakhtiari, PH; Talebbeydokhti, N; Rakhshandehroo, GR; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Downstream semi-circular obstacles' influence on floods arising from the failure of dams with different levels of reservoir siltingVosoughi, F; Nikoo, MR; Rakhshandehroo, G; Adamowski, JF; Gandomi, AH
2021-04-22Experimental dataset on water levels, sediment depths and wave front celerity values in the study of multiphase shock wave for different initial up- and down-stream conditionsVosoughi, F; Nikoo, MR; Rakhshandehroo, G; Gandomi, AH
2021-08-15Groundwater sustainability: Developing a non-cooperative optimal management scenario in shared groundwater resources under water bankruptcy conditions.Yazdian, M; Rakhshandehroo, G; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Gandomi, AH; Honar, T
2023-03-01MCDM-Based Routing for IoT-Enabled Smart Water Distribution NetworkMohapatra, H; Mohanta, BK; Nikoo, MR; Daneshmand, M; Gandomi, AH
2021-09-01Optimal Water Allocation from Subsurface Dams: A Risk-Based Optimization ApproachIzady, A; Khorshidi, MS; Nikoo, MR; Al-Maktoumi, A; Chen, M; Al-Mamari, H; Gandomi, AH
2022-12-01Optimum design of the chute-flip bucket system using evolutionary algorithms considering conflicts between decision-makersBananmah, M; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Gandomi, AH
2022-08Progressive improvement of DRASTICA and SI models for groundwater vulnerability assessment based on evolutionary algorithms.Zare, M; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Gandomi, AH; Al-Wardy, M; Al-Rawas, GA
2022-02-01Reservoir operation under accidental MTBE pollution: A graph-based conflict resolution framework considering spatial-temporal-quantitative uncertaintiesVanda, S; Nikoo, MR; Hashempour Bakhtiari, P; Al-Wardy, M; Franklin Adamowski, J; Šimůnek, J; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Scheduling by NSGA-II: Review and Bibliometric AnalysisRahimi, I; Gandomi, AH; Deb, K; Chen, F; Nikoo, MR
2022-07-13Soil Erosion in the United States. Present and Future (2020-2050)Shojaeezadeh, SA; Al-Wardy, M; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Alizadeh, MR; Adamowski, JF; Moradkhani, H; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH
2022-10-01Stochastic optimization model for determining support system parameters of a subway stationMohammadi, E; Jahanandish, M; Ghahramani, A; Nikoo, MR; Javankhoshdel, S; Gandomi, AH
2022-11-01The application of Bayesian model averaging based on artificial intelligent models in estimating multiphase shock flood wavesVosoughi, F; Nikoo, MR; Rakhshandehroo, G; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH; Al-Wardy, M
2022-10-01The Optimal Configuration of Wave Energy Conversions Respective to the Nearshore Wave Energy PotentialShadmani, A; Nikoo, MR; Al-Raoush, RI; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Wind, Solar, and Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems with and without Energy Storage Optimization: A Survey of Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning TechniquesAbualigah, L; Zitar, RA; Almotairi, KH; Hussein, AM; Elaziz, MA; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH