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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-01Information-theoretic summary statistics for diagnostic calibration of the groundwater models using approximate Bayesian computationKhorshidi, MS; Izady, A; Al-Maktoumi, A; Chen, M; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-01-01Long-term precipitation prediction in different climate divisions of California using remotely sensed data and machine learningMajnooni, S; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Fooladi, M; Alamdari, N; Al-Rawas, G; Gandomi, AH
2023-03-01MCDM-Based Routing for IoT-Enabled Smart Water Distribution NetworkMohapatra, H; Mohanta, BK; Nikoo, MR; Daneshmand, M; Gandomi, AH
2023-07-15Multi-criteria decision-making optimization model for permeable breakwaters characterizationGandomi, M; Pirooz, MD; Nematollahi, B; Nikoo, MR; Varjavand, I; Etri, T; Gandomi, AH
2023-05-15Multi-objective optimization of hydrant flushing in a water distribution system using a fast hybrid technique.Shoorangiz, M; Nikoo, MR; Šimůnek, J; Gandomi, AH; Adamowski, JF; Al-Wardy, M
2023-08-16Multi-Objective Shape Optimization of Multi-Axis Wave Energy ConverterShadmani, A; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-08-16Multi-Objective Shape Optimization of Multi-Axis Wave Energy ConverterShadmani, A; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-08-16Multi-Objective Shape Optimization of Multi-Axis Wave Energy ConverterShadmani, A; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-07-15Multi-variable approach to groundwater vulnerability elucidation: A risk-based multi-objective optimization model.Zare, M; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Gandomi, AH; Farmani, R
2023-03Non-parametric severity-duration-frequency analysis of drought based on satellite-based product and model fusion techniques.Jafari, SM; Nikoo, MR; Sadegh, M; Chen, M; Gandomi, AH
2023-01-01Optimal deployment of sensors for leakage detection in water distribution systems using metaheuristicsYousefi-Khoshqalb, E; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-11-01Optimal location selection for a distributed hybrid renewable energy system in rural Western Australia: A data mining approachHolloway, R; Ho, D; Delotavo, C; Xie, WY; Rahimi, I; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2023-01-01Optimal Treated Wastewater Allocation Among Stakeholders Based on an Agent-based ApproachBahrami, N; Nikoo, MR; Al-Rawas, G; Al-Jabri, K; Gandomi, AH
2021-09-01Optimal Water Allocation from Subsurface Dams: A Risk-Based Optimization ApproachIzady, A; Khorshidi, MS; Nikoo, MR; Al-Maktoumi, A; Chen, M; Al-Mamari, H; Gandomi, AH
2022-12-01Optimum design of the chute-flip bucket system using evolutionary algorithms considering conflicts between decision-makersBananmah, M; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Gandomi, AH
2022-08Progressive improvement of DRASTICA and SI models for groundwater vulnerability assessment based on evolutionary algorithms.Zare, M; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Gandomi, AH; Al-Wardy, M; Al-Rawas, GA
2022-02-01Reservoir operation under accidental MTBE pollution: A graph-based conflict resolution framework considering spatial-temporal-quantitative uncertaintiesVanda, S; Nikoo, MR; Hashempour Bakhtiari, P; Al-Wardy, M; Franklin Adamowski, J; Šimůnek, J; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Scheduling by NSGA-II: Review and Bibliometric AnalysisRahimi, I; Gandomi, AH; Deb, K; Chen, F; Nikoo, MR
2022-07-13Soil Erosion in the United States. Present and Future (2020-2050)Shojaeezadeh, SA; Al-Wardy, M; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Alizadeh, MR; Adamowski, JF; Moradkhani, H; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH
2022-10-01Stochastic optimization model for determining support system parameters of a subway stationMohammadi, E; Jahanandish, M; Ghahramani, A; Nikoo, MR; Javankhoshdel, S; Gandomi, AH