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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2014Causal network inference using biochemical kineticsOates, CJ; Dondelinger, F; Bayani, N; Korkola, J; Gray, JW; Mukherjee, S
1-Jun-2017Control functionals for Monte Carlo integrationOates, CJ; Girolami, M; Chopin, N
2-Apr-2016The Controlled Thermodynamic Integral for Bayesian Model Evidence EvaluationOates, CJ; Papamarkou, T; Girolami, M
1-Apr-2016Estimating causal structure using conditional DAG modelsOates, CJ; Smith, JQ; Mukherjee, S
1-Jul-2016Exact estimation of multiple directed acyclic graphsOates, CJ; Smith, JQ; Mukherjee, S; Cussens, J
1-Mar-2016Exploiting multi-core architectures for reduced-variance estimation with intractable likelihoodsFriel, N; Mira, A; Oates, CJ
1-May-2017Investigation of the widely applicable Bayesian information criterionFriel, N; McKeone, JP; Oates, CJ; Pettitt, AN
1-Jan-2014Joint estimation of multiple related biological networksOates, CJ; Korkola, J; Gray, JW; Mukherjee, S
1-Jan-2014Joint structure learning of multiple non-exchangeable networksOates, CJ; Mukherjee, S
1-Sep-2012Network inference and biological dynamicsOates, CJ; Mukherjee, S
1-Sep-2012Network inference using steady-state data and goldbeter-koshland kineticsOates, CJ; Hennessy, BT; Lu, Y; Mills, GB; Mukherjee, S
1-Jan-2014Quantifying the multi-scale performance of network inference algorithmsOates, CJ; Amos, R; Spencer, SEF
15-Jul-2016RNA editing generates cellular subsets with diverse sequence within populationsHarjanto, D; Papamarkou, T; Oates, CJ; Rayon-Estrada, V; Papavasiliou, FN; Papavasiliou, A
25-Feb-2014Single-cell states in the estrogen response of breast cancer cell linesCasale, FP; Giurato, G; Nassa, G; Armond, JW; Oates, CJ; Corá, D; Gamba, A; Mukherjee, S; Weisz, A; Nicodemi, M
17-Jan-2014A stochastic model dissects cell states in biological transition processesArmond, JW; Saha, K; Rana, AA; Oates, CJ; Jaenisch, R; Nicodemi, M; Mukherjee, S
1-Jan-2015Toward a multisubject analysis of neural connectivityOates, CJ; Costa, L; Nichols, TE