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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2008A hierarchically combined classifier for license plate recognitionZheng, L; He, X; Wu, Q; Jia, W; Samali, B; Palaniswami, M
1-Dec-2008Identification of independent biological sensors-electromyogram example.Naik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
Jan-2008Independent component approach to the analysis of hand gesture sEMG and facial sEMGNaik, G; Arjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
1-Dec-2006Limitations and applications of ICA for surface electromyogramNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, SP; Palaniswami, M; Begg, R
1-Dec-2007Limitations and applications of ICA in facial sEMG and hand gesture sEMG for human computer interactionNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, SP; Weghorn, H; Palaniswami, M
24-Sep-2008Multi run ICA and surface EMG based signal processing system for recognising hand gesturesNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
Jan-2005A Novel Approach for Electrical Load Forecasting Using Distributed Sensor NetworksChalla, B; Challa, S; Chakravorty, R; Deshpande, S; Sharma, D; Palaniswami, M; Patnaik, LM; Venugopal, KR; Rajeev, K; Rajgopal, K
31-Dec-2008Segmentation of characters on car license platesHe, X; Zheng, L; Wu, Q; Jia, W; Samali, B; Palaniswami, M
1-Feb-2014Signal processing evaluation of myoelectric sensor placement in low-level gestures: Sensitivity analysis using independent component analysisNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
24-Sep-2008Source identification and separation using global matrix parameters of ICANaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
1-Dec-2008Source identification and separation using sub-band ICA of sEMGNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
Jan-2011Spatio-temporal Modelling-based Drift-aware Wireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Rajasegarar, S; Challa, S; Leckie, C; Palaniswami, M
1-Dec-2007Subtle hand gesture identification for HCI using temporal Decorrelation source separation BSS of surface EMGNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Weghorn, H; Palaniswami, M