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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2014Performance evaluation of control chart for multiple assignable causes using genetic algorithmAhmed, I; Sultana, I; Paul, SK; Azeem, A
1-Jan-2013Production inventory model with disruption and reliability considerationsPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
3-Jul-2018A quantitative and simulation model for managing sudden supply delay with fuzzy demand and safety stockPaul, SK; Rahman, S
16-Mar-2017A quantitative model for disruption mitigation in a supply chainPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
1-Oct-2018A reactive mitigation approach for managing supply disruption in a three-tier supply chainPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
16-Aug-2014Real time disruption management for a two-stage batch production-inventory system with reliability considerationsPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
1-Jan-2018A Recovery Model for Sudden Supply Delay with Demand Uncertainty and Safety StockPaul, SK; Rahman, S; Sarker, R; Abbass, HA; Dunstall, S; Kilby, P; Davis, R; Young, L
1-Nov-2019A structural model for investigating the driving and dependence power of supply chain risks in the readymade garment industryChowdhury, NA; Ali, SM; Mahtab, Z; Rahman, T; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
28-Jul-2015Supplier selection for managing supply risks in supply chain: a fuzzy approachPaul, SK
15-Sep-2012Sustainable operator assignment in an assembly line using genetic algorithmZaman, T; Paul, SK; Azeem, A
22-Apr-2013Sustainable sequencing of N jobs on one machine: A fuzzy approachPaul, SK