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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Posthumanist applied linguisticsPennycook, A
1-Aug-2018Posthumanist applied linguisticsPennycook, A
1-Jan-2014Principled polycentrism and resourceful speakersPennycook, A
1-Jan-2020Pushing the ontological boundaries of EnglishPennycook, A; Hall, C; Wicaksono, R
1-Jan-2018Repertoires, registers and linguistic diversityPennycook, A
1-Jan-2010Rethinking origins and localization in global EnglishesPennycook, A
1-Dec-2007'The rotation gets thick. the constraints get thin': Creativity, recontextualization, and differencePennycook, A
1-Jul-2011Social inclusion and metrolingual practicesOtsuji, E; Pennycook, A
1-Nov-2013Styling the periphery: Linguistic and cultural takeup in Bangladesh and MongoliaSultana, S; Dovchin, S; Pennycook, A
3-Jul-2017Swimming with sharks, ecological feminism and posthuman language politicsAppleby, RL; Pennycook, A
2019Sydney's Metrolingual AssemblagesOtsuji, E; Pennycook, A; Chik, A; Benson, P; Moloney, R
1-Jan-2003Teaching english as a missionary languagePennycook, A; Coutand-Marin, S
1-Jan-2015Transglossic language practices of young adults in Bangladesh and MongoliaSultana, S; Dovchin, S; Pennycook, A
3-Jul-2017Translanguaging and semiotic assemblagesPennycook, A
1-Jan-2018The translingual advantage: Metrolingual student repertoiresOtsuji, E; Pennycook, A
1-Jan-2019Translingual family repertoires: ‘no, Morci is itaiitai panzita, amor’Hiratsuka, A; Pennycook, A